Escape until friday: How to Get All Achievements

Hello! In the game, some achievements are very difficult, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything 🙂


Achievement # 1

 Well, here’s Friday – Until Friday
To complete faster – Die from a maniac

Achievement # 2

Escape – Escape in any way
Now, in order … There are 4 ways to escape (I’ll tell you about the latter at the end of the guide) We will not consider all the ways, only 1. We will escape through the gate in the garden. First you need to find the key to the front door of the second floor on the first. He can only be on the first floor of the house, do not look for him on the street. After you have found the key to the second floor – Find the step from the stairs to the attic, which may be on the street, namely under the window, but you may not be lucky and will have to look elsewhere. I almost forgot … You will need to find one note with the code for the box in the attic. Then you go to that box and insert what you know and pick up the rest of the unknown data. One with one, one with two, etc. Well, you understand) You pick up the item that is in the box, you go outside and use the object on the chain. Everything is ready 🙂

Achievement # 3

Surprise – Open the safe
And here is a little more difficult … Find some bullets and just take with you. You find the key on the first floor from the second. On the second one you search all the rooms. You are looking for the keys to everything that exists (Garage, a house on the street, a room on the second, a step from the stairs). Then you search these locations for notes with some events from the life of the maniac. In the morning you ask the maniac questions that will appear immediately after reading the notes. You find out the date of birth of a loved one. And you enter it in the safe.

Achievement # 4

Assassin – Kill the kidnapper
After you opened the safe with the help of the last achievement – You need to take the pistol and kill the maniac.

Achievement # 5

Stockholm Syndrome – Befriending a Kidnapper
This is perhaps the hardest achievement in the game. Communicate with the maniac as politely as possible in conversation, do not let the maniac knock yourself out, collect notes, ask questions about them, on Friday he must let you go if you did everything right.

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