Estranged: The Departure – All Tape Locations

This guide will show you the locations of all of the tapes in Estranged: The Departure that are necessary to earn the ‘Audiophile’ achievement.

Tape 1/9

The first tape can be found right after going through the yellow gate (The one where you need to throw rocks at the button). After going through the gate, the tape should be on the floor to your left.

Tape 2/9

You can find the second tape in the small house just outside of the main facility.

Tape 3/9

The third tape is very easy to miss. Upon entering the Arque facility, you will go through decontamination and will have to navigate through dark hallways. After ducking under the metal shelf barricade, take two left turns. You may notice some red reflections on the walls, the tape should be on top of the shelf there.

Tape 4/9

In the same area where you found tape three, there should be a gray door to your right. This should lead you to a room with barrels. The fourth tape is on top of the green barrel at the end of the hallway.

Tape 5/9

Note that after the fourth tape, you will not come across the rest of the tapes until after the level where you explore the abandoned city.

After fighting the two armored guards, make your way down the red apartment and go through the sewers. Eventually, you will end up in another cave but with a lot of water. Keep swimming through the level until you reach a large room with skeletons. The tape should be in the center of that room.

Tape 6/9

Tape six is in the room right after tape five. You will come across a larger section of the cave with more rocky terrain and skeletons. Upon entering this room, look to the left. The tape is sitting on the illuminated rock next to a gas mask.

Tape 7/9

After tape six, simply walk to the next room. The seventh tape is on the floor to your left on top of a wooden plank.

Note that after tape seven, the last two tapes can be found at the very end of the game.

Tape 8/9

 After waking up, just walk out of the room. The tape should be on a table to your left.

Tape 9/9

Keep walking down the hallway until you come across a closed door with a plant beside it. After you see this, turn right. The tape is in the left corner of this yellow ‘dining room’.

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