Eternal Return Black Survival: Unholy Crusader Jackie

This is an fun, yet expensive late game build for Jackie. The Unholy Crusader revolves around the weapon Excalibur and the Crusader Armor coupled with life steal/good food.

The Concept: Jackie, well known serial killer finds herself at the Chapel during the experiment. Going to the alter, perhaps to seek forgiveness or to see if she bursts into a ball of flames upon praying, discovers divine power. However, so much blood spilled experiment after experiment in this place has drawn a different power. A dark power. One which Jackie accepts. Her calling? To bleed out the non-believers.

The MAXING ORDER on this build for me is to get 3 points in Q, then max W (of course you always get your R when you can), then E.
Here are the items:

1. Excalibur-
Attack Power + 45
Max HP + 400
HP Regen (%) + 300%

2. Crusader Armor-
Defense + 30
HP Regen (%) + 300%
Extra Damage to Normal Attacks + 20
Movement Speed – 0.1

3. Feather Boots-
HP Regen + 1
Attack Speed (%) + 25%
Movement Speed + 0.4

4. Radar-
Defense + 15
Critical Strike Chance + 20%
Attack Speed (%) + 35%

5. Moonlight Pendant-
Attack Power + 20
Life Steal + 20%

6. Chinese Opera Mask-
Defense + 16
Max SP + 300
Life Steal + 22%
Movement Speed + 0.1
Out of Combat Movement Speed + 0.4

Crafting Stage: Highly recommended to contest the Wickline and to kill wolves/bears whenever possible. Check blue boxes these materials if they don’t drop:

[ Meteorite/Moonstone ] you can get these off of wolves or bears and blue boxes. Sometimes you can find your moonstone pendant out right.

[ VF Blood Sample ] you can find this off of bears or blue boxes and Wickline. Wickline is the most consistent option and you can easily take her out. Purple boxes can also contain your Chinese Opera Mask too.

Play style: Your catch/stick potential is pretty low due to the movement reduction but you thrive in elongated fights. Third partying is always a good option. If it’s late game your best option is to play the final circle.

Placeholders: It is a good idea when trying to craft your Chinese Opera Mask or Moonlight Pendant to pick up some placeholder items if you come across a blue or better head piece or accessory. Any helm will do but for the accessory, I do recommend picking up an Uchiwa if you can.

Combo: If someone is face checking your bush, start with R then Q/W to sustain and stick to the fight. If they start to flee, use your E to slow them down and continue the fight as much as possible. I tend not to jump into a fight with my E so, be sure to save it for the slow.

Other Notes: Be sure to have food on you. SP regen is low without the mask. With pendant or mask, you can heal up on mobs efficiently, otherwise use your Q/W to do so if you want to save food.

By Nemo Luv

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