Euro Truck Simulator 2: How to Accelerate Leveling

In this guide, I will tell you how to quickly swing without cheats, without editing game files, without downloading anything.


A bit of history.
Truckers are cunning people. My grandfather was a truck driver and in his office there was something like a fuel consumption rate. If the grandfather managed to finish the flight with an excess of fuel, then the diesel fuel was promptly poured into all the available containers before the car was checked in at the office, after which the drained fuel went to household needs. For example, she helped a lot to clean up garbage at the dacha in the fall and kindle a fire for a barbecue in the spring, all at the same dacha.

My grandfather’s trick was partially inherited by me, so as a virtual trucker, I found a fairly simple way to speed up the pumping.As you know, riding with a load brings the most experience points, which is logical. The basic part of the exp is the mileage. Calculation 1 exp = 1 km.

This is followed by bonuses for long-distance delivery, self-parking, urgent cargo, fragile cargo or the ARM category. But the mileage is still the most points, so my hint is aimed at increasing it. You can drive extra kilometers in different ways. You can go “gardens”, ignoring the shortest path, but this idea will quickly seem stupid to you, because it is. But I suggest something more interesting.

Actually, hint
Let’s take a look at the road map of Europe in ETS2.
Here we are looking for something that will help us to run over the extra kilometers and at the same time not pluck ourselves a bouquet of troubles and unnecessary hemorrhoids.
Well, let’s see: 

Have you already noticed? And so?
This is for the lucky owners of the Going East! – from Warsaw to Berlin there is a four-lane road as straight as an arrow. The only obstacle is the payment points. But even this is not the main thing.

The main thing is this:
This is the BKAD – Berlin Ring Road.
Its peculiarity is that if you go clockwise, then this road will soon seem to you a track for Nascar races, because at all interchanges of this ring you can only turn right, and as we all know, right turns in ETS2 are easily passed at speeds up to up to 100 km / h. It is possible and faster, but traffic will interfere and it is unlikely that it will work with the load.

And now a full description of the hint itself, point by point:
1. We take light (preferably not more than 9t) cargo from Warsaw towards Berlin. We need part of the route to go along the BKAD. Important note: it is best to take the fragile load or the ARM category to get the bonus. The road ahead will be extremely easy for an experienced long-range fighter, so you won’t have to make much effort.
2. We drive to the Berlin ring as usual – we observe traffic rules, do not exceed (there will be many cameras on the line from Warsaw)
3. As soon as you find yourself on the ring, immediately save – this is important. And then turn on the F1 racer mode – increase the steering sensitivity (it will help when cornering), pump the engine power of your racing truck to the maximum, take a 4×2 chassis. All this can be done in Berlin. Again, an extra 5 km. Be sure to refuel on the most tomatoes.
4. Well, then the most interesting thing. We leave for the BKAD so that you move clockwise along it. The length of the ring is about 150 km. This means that each circle around the ring will give you 150xp bonus to the base of points, after the delivery of the cargo. To get +600 points in the base, you need to make 4 circles, 2-3 in-game hours are enough for this.
Accelerate to 100 km / h in 12th gear and engage cruise control to keep the truck at this speed. In this case, fuel consumption will be at an acceptable level.
Look carefully at the navigator – it is important not to leave at the wrong exit.
It will always be necessary to turn to the right, so in front of the overpasses, push as far to the right as possible so that traffic does not become an obstacle. At a speed of 100 km / h, you can easily fit into any turn, you don’t have to worry about it.
5. As soon as you hit as many points as you would like, follow the instructions of the navigator and complete the delivery of the cargo. At the end, you will receive a substantial increase in exp.

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