Euro Truck Simulator 2: How to install ProMods

A guide on how to install ProMods version 2.51 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.39.x


ProMods 2.51 (Free Slow Download)
ProMods 2.51 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 requires the following DLC:

  • Going East!
  • Scandinavia
  • Vive La France!
  • Italia
  • Beyond the Baltic Sea
  • Road to the Black Sea

!!! If these DLC are not owned, then Promods will not load !!!

If you have the above DLC, then please follow the guide below 🙂

1. Go to the official ProMods website (Click Here)[] and create an account.
2. Head over to the ETS Installation Page[]
3. Click on ‘Click here to generate your def file‘ and fill in the fields. Once done, press Generate, and the file will download.
4. Now go back to the ETS2 Download page and press ‘Go to step 2’.
This guide will run through the Free download option!
5. Click ‘Standard Download’ on the right
6. Click the Archives on the page in order, BE AWARE YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD 2 AT A TIME The download is capped at ~300kbps
7. Once you have downloaded all the files, extract ONLY ARCHIVE ONE using WinRAR or 7zip.
8. Copy the following files to your mod folder (Normal Path is Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod):

  • promods-assets-v251.scs
  • promods-map-v251.scs
  • promods-assets-v251.scs
  • promods-media-v251.scs
  • promods-model3-v251.scs
  • promods-model2-v251.scs
  • promods-model1-v251.scs
  • promods-def-v251.scs

9. Launch ETS2, and in the ‘Mod Manager’, enable the 7 files. It is recommended to have the def file at the top of the Mod Manager. Then click Confirm Changes.

Middle East Addon for ProMods 2.51 (Free Slow Download)
For the Middle East Addon, you need the Base ProMods.

If you have the base ProMods pack, then here’s how to install the Middle East Addon!

1. Head over to the Middle East page on the ProMods website here[]
2. As the Middle East package has the def included, press ‘Go to step 2’.
3. Click ‘Standard Download’, then ‘Middle-East Add-On Pack v2.51’ and download the file.
4. Extract the downloaded file using 7zip or WinRAR
5. Put the following files in your ETS2 Mod folder:

  • promods-me-assets-v251.scs
  • promods-me-defmap-v251.scs

6. Launch ETS and put the 2 files into the Mod Manager, but make sure the 2 Middle East files are above your normal ProMods files.

Trailer and Company Pack for ProMods 2.51 (Free Slow Download)
To install the T&CP, you need the Base ProMods mod!
If you have the base ProMods, then here’s how to install the Trailers and Company Pack!

1. Head over to the Trailer and Company Pack page[]
2. On the right, select the ‘Slow Option’ page, and the ‘Trailer & Company Pack v1.27 (file size 240MB)’ file. It should now download.
3. Put the following files into your Mods folder:
– promods-tcp-companies-vXXX.scs
– promods-tcp-def-companies-vXXX.scs
– promods-tcp-def-trailers-main-vXXX.scs
– promods-tcp-def-trailers-replacement-vXXX.scs
– promods-tcp-def-trailers-standalone-vXXX.scs
– promods-tcp-trailers-vXXX.scs

4. Choose if you want Replacement or Standalone Trailers. Replacement Trailers replace the ingame trailers with the modded ones, but Standalone keeps the 2 separate. Delete the file of the option you are NOT using.

4. Go into Mod Manager and enable all the files.

Cabin Accessories pack for ProMods 2.51 (Free Slow Download)
This addon requires both the Cabin Accessories DLC, found on the ETS2 Store page in steam, and the base ProMods mod.

If you have both of the above, lets get started!

1. Head over to the Cabin Accessories pack Page[]
2. Click Cabin Accessories Add-On Pack v1.27 (file size 2MB) [ETS2 1.39] (opens a new window)
3. Place promods-cap-v113.scs into your Mod folder, launch ETS2, and Activate the mod in Mod Manager!

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