Even the Ocean: Speedrun Walkthrough

Walkthrough to go through story fast and not get lost (not for first-time players), useful for full-mode speedrun achievement and story acts achievements


Spoiler Alert

This guide is not intended for first-time players, as it’s probably not understandable without having an idea of how the game is, and contains spoilers since it’s a walkthrough after all. I don’t say anything about the lore or story but keywords are enough to ruin the experience.


This guide aims to provide short instructions on how to go through the game without having to read or understand the dialogue. It’s probably best though to have played once through the game.
With fast text, a full-mode run can be completed in 3 hours and a story-mode run (although there’s no achievement for that, but you may be after the story acts achievements) in 1 hour

Relevant speedrun options

You really want the fast text, it saves a ton of time. This guide is made to help you still go on without being able to read anything.

  • Fast Dialogue/Act+Area Cards
  • Skip Screen Fades
  • Skip Death Animation
General information
  • Talking to npcs is useless unless stated otherwise
  • For every power plant you must fill every receptor, and then interact with the console to solve a mirror puzzle where blue laser must go to blue and purple to purple
  • Most locations in the overworld are hidden and only show by long-pressing the interact button near them
Terms I’m using
  • high line = light energy metro “Apex Transit”
  • low line = dark energy metro “Lower Area Transit”
  • (low line, Murex Park, left) describes movement through city transport: take low line to Murex Park then go left

Following blue titles indicate the location to go to, you can refer to the maps this guide provides
This guide assumes you can find your way by yourself in the overworld (maps provided here)
Platforming-only parts are up to you, if you need a memory refresher don’t forget the junkyard in Whiteforge which is a training ground, and is available early
Other parts just mostly go right and platform a bit, this guide covers “puzzles” involving dialogues and backtracking movement.

Act 1

“Introductive” mission
  1. interact with the suit’s remains to get shield
  1. interact with coffin
  2. talk to left-most npc, say “Yes”
  3. go home (high line, City Entrance, low line, Murex Park, left)

Act 2

Reconfigure three powerplants, the order doesn’t matter, and you must go back to Whiteforge between each one. What must be done in Whiteforge only depends on how many power plants you went through.
Here is a map of the Whiteforge continent with necessary locations:

  1. go to city hall (low line, City Entrance, high line, Apex Plaza, right)
  2. exit city (high line, City Entrance, right)
To Dreamdram canyon powerplant
  1. get chest: jump 5 times on mushroom then hit blue energy plant
  2. at the bottom, use right-most dream cloud to get across
  1. go home (low line, Murex Park, left)
  2. go to the library (low line, Library)
  3. talk to librarian
  4. exit city (City Entrance, right)
To Restview beach powerplant
  1. jump repeatedly on giant shell to open
  2. go top right in giant starfish and interact with big flower up the cave
  3. go bottom left in giant starfish, hug green obstacles and interact
  1. go home (low line, Murex Park, left)
  2. exit city (low line, City Entrance, right)
To Boreas heights powerplant
  1. hug right to talk to clown and choose to tell secret
  2. talk to vera (third person met after clown)
  3. go back to talk to trent (first one met, near painting) and bay (second one, before houses)
  4. go down elevator after last house

My time of leaving Boreas heights powerplant: 53 minutes

  1. choose next power plant
  2. talk to humus (right-most on plaza)
  3. talk to yara in garden near home (high line, City Entrance, low line, Murex Park, left)

Act 3

  1. exit city (low line, City Entrance, right)
To Riverton powerplant
  1. talk to junior gatekeeper (right-most npc)
  2. talk to post office npc (first building left of trophy house) and ask “Gatekeeper?”
  3. talk again to junior gatekeeper (same place)

Time of leaving Riverton powerplant: 1 hour 5 minutes

  1. go to new home (high line, Windsweep Towers)
  2. go to old home (City Entrance, low line, Murex Park)
  3. talk to yara in garden “Have dinner”
  4. exit city (City Entrance, right)
To Oscar basin powerplant
  1. take the elevator
  2. interact with elevator at the bottom
  3. talk to girl top-most right-most
  4. take elevator back up to the fountain
  5. interact with fountain
  6. go back to bottom-most elevator, grab purple bubble from middle floor on the way
  1. go to new home (high line, Windsweep Towers)
  2. exit city (City Entrance, right)
To Magdal woods powerplant
  1. turn your back to the lasers
  2. safe plants stay so, jump count doesn’t matter
  1. go to sunray spire (left of apex plaza where you gain control after entering city)
  2. interact with the three consoles
  3. go to Murex Park (high line, City Entrance, low line, Murex Park)

Act 4

  1. exit city
North Karavold
  1. Find and use the Karavold Tunnel (see map higher)
Karavold Government District
  1. enter building
  2. use computer
  3. go up through passage that opened
  4. use computer again
  5. exit city

Bomb silos and geomes can be visited in any order, although the order shown here is probably optimal
Getting bombs from silos is required to beat corresponding geome
Several silos can be visited in a row
After killing a geome, you must go back to Karavold Government District

Transportation allows to go between North and South Karavold

South Karavold map: Earth bombs, Earth geome, Air geome

North Karavold: Air bombs, Sea bombs, Sea geome

Earth bombs silo
  1. get bombs

Time of leaving Earth bombs silo: 1 hour 45 minutes

Karst Pass (to earth geome)
  1. go right, automatically talk to jane
  2. go left and interact with the two rocks
  3. go right and interact with a third rock
  4. talk to jane again
  5. go right and reach the geome using the water column
Karavold Government District
  1. use computer
  2. interact with doorframe to the right
  3. go back to overworld
North Karavold
  1. use transportation
Air bombs silo
  1. get bombs
Sea bombs silo
  1. get bombs

Time of leaving Sea bombs silo: 2 hours 9 minutes

Great Falls (to sea geome)
  1. pick at least 4 emotions (the blue/purple ghosts) (there are 8 total)
  2. talk to sharon at the end, say “Yes”
South Karavold
  1. use transportation
Karavold Government District
  1. use computer
  2. interact with doorframe to the right
  3. go back to overworld
Great Cliff (to air geome)
  1. go left until geome cutscene start
  2. go right, get grabbed then dropped
  3. go right through the caves
  4. light all three candles
  5. go through the hole top-right, exit through the well
  6. go right to middle flower, interact and “Sit and wait”
Karavold Government District
  1. use computer

Act 5

  1. use transportation
  2. go left on apex plaza
Sunray Spire
  1. in the fifth and final part, you must fill receptors to power the elevator

Time of entering Sunray Spire: 2 hours 50 minutes

Final words
In full-mode the achievement pops up when the flood cutscene starts.
I hope this guide was useful to you, feel free to comment for improvements or anything.

In case you’re curious I got the base images from following folders:

Even the Ocean\bin\assets\sprites\bg\map Even the Ocean\bin\assets\sprites\bg\sean /code]

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