Evil Genius 2: Hard Mode Guide

This guide is intended to help players overcome the aches and pains of hard difficulty. This guide will give you some helpful techniques I picked up during my playthroughs to deal with stuff like Soldier waves and Salaries, while leaving the actual base design to you.   This guide is being written as of patch […]

Evil Genius 2: How to Make Hard Mode Easy

The game might seem fairly daunting on hard mode, considering how this difficulty brings out all of the flaws in the games design. Here’s how to make it through with your sanity in tact and most importantly beat the game for the achievements!   The First Steps Ultimately you will always have more than enough […]

Evil Genius 2: The Golden Tutorial

This will not guarantee successful world domination, but you will have a great start if you follow ‘The Golden Tutorial’   The Golden Tutorial In EG1 you could farm a lot of gold when you got access to the world map. People would basically avoid kidnapping the Maid and then farm the world map for […]

Evil Genius 2: How to Change Languages?

Evil Genius 2 is a satirical spy-fi lair builder game where you are the criminal mastermind! Construct your base, train your minions, defend your operations from the Forces of Justice, and achieve global domination! if you want to know how to switch game language to a different one, here is a simple tutorial for you.   […]

Evil Genius 2 FAQ (Download Sizes & Language Support)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Evil Genius 2. that contain the download sizes, minimum specifications and language support.   Frequently Asked Questions When will Evil Genius 2: World Domination be released? Tuesday 30 March, 4pm BST (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 5pm CET) How much will it cost? You can pick up the base version […]