ExoCorps: How to Frag

This is a simple guide to know how to frag in ExoCorps


Frag From Ground and not getting fragged (no jetpack)
It’s important to understand that the jetpack make you advance real quick. But you can be detected. Other players will see you clearly at long range in their hud if you use the jetpack.

So, a solution to frag without getting fragged easily is to stay on ground and use something like the minigun or the laser. By staying on ground, the other won’t see you unless they look closely. Wait for a target to stop and shoot!

A little problem with this technique is you could need to run a lot to find a enemy.

Search for enemies on the map with the jetpack and use guide 1 than
With the jetpack, it’s possible to find enemy really quickly. You can fly very fast from all across the map.

When you find a enemy, turn off the jetpack and you can use the first guide “Frag From Ground and not getting fragged (no jetpack)”

For the elite, frag from the air with missiles and the jetpack
The hardest solution to frag is the jetpack + the missiles + the flare

Search and seek for enemies with the jetpack at low attitude. When you find an enemy, get a lock with the missile and shoot!

The flares are a must against other elites players. I suggest to use it all when the alert ring. Go on ground and wait the reload of the flare to fly again.

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