Fall Guys: How To Climb Onto A Ledge

Have you seen people climp up a ledge, but when you try it you just end up smacking in the wall?
Don’t worry! This guide will tell you how climbing onto a ledge works and how to do it!



Season 2 has just released and with it 4 new stages have been added.
2 of the stages heavily use the “climbing a ledge” mechanic.
Many know how to climb but most don’t know the small things about climbing so in this guide we’ll be covering the basics and the most advanced tricks to climbing.

For this guide i’ll be using this fellow bean as our demontrator to
show us his tricks and ways of climbing.

He’ll be going by the name “Jester”.
He got his name because he is dressed as a jester from the medevial times since season 2 is entirely based on the medevial times, he looks quite funny doesn’t he?

First of all, which stages can you climb in and how useful is it?

  • The Whirlygig – Useful
  • Wall Guys – Very useful
  • Hoopsie Legends – Very useful

Second, what are the advantages of climbing and why would you do it?
Climbing up means that you’ll reach certain areas that you normally couldn’t reach with a regular jump

Note: For demonstration purposes I will be using computer keybinds

The Basics


  • W A S D – Moving
  • Space – Jump
  • Left Mouse Button (LMB) – Grab
  • Right Mouse Button (RMB) – Dive

If you don’t move forward your fall guy will continue hanging on the ledge and
eventually sweat and let go of the ledge. This mechanic was added in season 2 as before your fall guy would just keep hanging on the ledge and never let go. This was used to cheat some of the stages in the game.

Fun fact: Season 1 Jump Showdown could be cheated. If you hanged on the ledge of one of the last remaining platforms then you’d never get hit by the beams, meaning you would always win unless someone else did this trick. Jump Showdown was promply removed due to this and then it was added back when the ledge trick was fixed.

How to not sweat:

    • In order to climb you need to hold grab


     while facing a ledge and move forward, when I mean move forward I mean moving forward to where your fall guy is facing, not moving forward where your camera is facing.

  • In this example the fall guys is facing left, so
    you should press left (A) to not sweat and let go
  • In this example the fall guys is facing up, so
    you should press up (W) to not sweat and let go

Tip: You can dive and then transition into a climb to reach further distances across gaps

My Fall Guy Still Won’t Climb!

Now you know how to climb, but sometimes your fall guy will refuse to climb up a ledge even though you’ve done everything that was explained in the basics. This can be for a number of reasons, but here are the ones i’m aware of:

  • Another fall guy is on the ledge blocking your path
  • Your fall guy is ragdolling even though it doesn’t look like it, this usually happens because you hit a object mid-air
  • Another fall guy grabbed you mid-air, making you ragdoll
  • The ledge is not climbable, for example moving platforms tend to not be climbable
  • You hit the ledge at a high speed
  • You tried to climb the ledge at a unclimable angle, meaning that if the ledge is 90 degrees rotated and you hit the ledge at a 135 degree angle then you won’t be able to climb it (numbers may not be accurate)

Now that you know how to climb and why you sometimes can’t, it’s time to get level specific moments where you can climb.

The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is a race meaning that you need to reach the goal to qualify. This stages main gimmick is giant fans and spinning beams. It’s one of the most unique because of it’s creative usages of these gimmicks, having a very risky but very rewarding moment in the end in which a giant fan that moves super fast blocks a shortcut. If you get hit by the fan means that you could fall into the void losing precious time. But going through the middle means you get a massive advantadge over others who failed to reach the middle.

Trick 1
After you have passed all of the spinning beams in the beginning comes a conveyor, two yellow blocks and a ledge. The ledge is actually climbable and can be useful if alot of people are using the two yellow blocks to jump onto the ledge.
It’s actually faster to jump onto the yellow blocks or jump dive from the momentum gained from the conveyor. So this trick is very situational.

Trick 2
If you fail to go through the middle fan you will most likely land on one of the circle platforms with small spinning beams on them. You can actually climb onto the middle platform from that circle platform you just landed on. This could be a failsave if you fail to go through the middle fan.

Wall Guys

Wall Guys is a race meaning that you need to reach the goal to qualify. This stage is special however as the whole idea is that you climb and push blocks to jump over walls in order to reach the goal. This means that some players might help other reach the goal by pushing the blocks while other will just wait for other people to push the blocks.

Trick 1
You can actually jump and then climb much higher than it looks making you skip needing a pretty high platform to jump onto. Most people already know this trick by now.

Trick 2
Using dive climbing can be super helpful in this stage as then you’ll reach much farther.

Trick 3
It looks like you should climb in this gif right? Well sometimes you can actually reach certain areas via a jump dive. This is useful because jump diving is faster than climbing up the ledge.

Hoopsie Legends

Hoopsie Legends is a hunt meaning players are going to search for something in order to qualify. This stage is very similiar to Hoopsie Daisy, which is a team minigame where players have to score points by jumping through hoops. Hoopsie Legends is essentially just a solo version of Hoopsie Daisy with the biggest difference being the map, pushable blocks and hoop locations. Unlike Hoopsie Daisy however, in Hoopsie Legends you just have to score 6 points to qualify and only a certain amount of players can qualify, similarly to races. Most hoops require blocks to be pushed in order to reach them and sometimes golden hoops can spawn instead of regular hoops. These golden hoops will slowly spin around and are worth 5 points meaning most players will aim toward getting golden hoops instead of regular as you only need 6 points to qualify.

Trick 1
Dive climbing as usual. You already know why this is so good.

Trick 2
A very well timed jump dive can get you a hoop that you otherwise have to use wood blocks for.

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