Fall Guys: How to Win in Seesaws (How Seesaws Work)

A guide on how seesaws work because from what i have seen alot of people find this level difficult.


what is a seesaw?
A see-saw is a narrow plank that has a central pivot point , they are commonly found in childrens parks in recreational areas, where a child either end uses their weight to cause the other side to go upwards.

They look like this in real life:

This is how they look in fall guys ultimate knockout :

As you can see they are very similar if you have gone to a play park as a child.

Also americans apparently call it a Teeter-Totter because they have to be different. (as always)

how does a seesaw work? (basic physics)
Take a look at this diagram , instead of a big arrow , replace it with a large amount of players.
As you can see , a large amount of players = large movement and will tip to the side that the large amount of players are at. this is bad because you will fall off if the see saw due to your center of gravity (which is another topic of itself).

In conclusion.
When a see saw is reset , do not all just pile onto one side as soon as you are able to, this just tips the see saw again which not only slows down yourself , but other users of the seesaws. A horizontal seesaw is a happy seesaw , a vertical seesaw is a unhappy seesaw.
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