Fallout 76 Nuke Codes Solved For December 18-24 And How To Use Them

In Fallout 76,  the codes to launch nukes will change every week and players have to decrypt and acquire the new nuke codes by working together. And for the week of December 18 till 24, the nuke codes have been solved, Here’s a list of Fallout 76 nuke codes that were solved and will apply from December 18 till December 24. If you can’t decrypt them, then this will be useful for you.

  • Silo Alpha UNSOLVED
  • Silo Bravo  53545757
  • Silo Charlie  24529969


About how to use these nuke codes: if you are mining for rare resources, the places on the map that are hit by the nukes are the best place to farm for these rare resources and you can also encounter some terrifying monsters after launching a nuke there. You can also use the nukes to wipe out an area of the map and then get a completely different experience there. If you know someone who has a camp set up there, it will be wiped out with the nuke as well.


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