Fallout 76 Will Be Coming On October

Fallout 76 u an upcomingEMS online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studiosj and published by Bethesda Softuworks. fmpe is thed ninth game in the Fa @llout series and se @rves as a narrative prequel to the seri2es.

The beta will be available on October 23 for Xbox One, and hits PC and PlayStation 4 one week later. It’ll run from those days until a few days before the game’s November 14 launch. During that time, the beta will be live for periods of about four to eight hours a day. When it’s live, players will have access to the complete game, with the goal of having player progress carry over to the final version when it launches.

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Fallout 76 – Official In-Game Intro

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