Fallout New Vegas: All Console Commands 2022

A complete list of all the console commands in Fallout New Vegas and how to use them along with commands for weapons, armor, ammo, along with codes for spawning various standard and named NPC’s.


How to open console commands

To open console commands just click the button that is above the Tab key and beside the 1 key.

——————————————– ! WARNING ! ———————————————
Using console commands to spawn in NPC’s, objects or items will disable your achievements.

Console Commands


setownership <form id>


Make the item owned by an actor’s form id (or the player if unspecified) by mouse left-click on item and typing setownership (for instance, a cabinet or a bed. Already owned property will still deduct Karma)




Makes the selected item unowned




Unlock doors, safes, terminals or any other locked containers.


lock <lock level>


Lock doors, safes, terminals or any other unlocked containers. Adding a number after lock sets the difficulty. For example, lock 0 would create a very easy lock, lock 25 an easy lock, and lock 100 a very hard lock. lock 101 will make the item unpick-able (Requires Key).


setpccanusepowerarmor 1


Make power armor wearable. If you can already wear power armor and type 0 instead of 1, you will no longer be able to wear it.




Levels the player up by one level.


player.setav [skill name] [1-100]


Set skill level


setspecialpoints [1-10]


Set S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points


player.setlevel <number>


Allows the player to set their level.


tfc <X>


Toggle Free Camera (where X is an optional variable in which a value of 1 will freeze all in the scene except any running scripts)




No clipping mode, allows for free movement, ideal when being stuck.




Toggle god mode (infinite health, unlimited ammunition, no need to reload, able to carry unlimited items)




Removes the selected object from the game until you start a new game. (can be undone by typing “enable” while the object is still selected.)




Immediately deletes an object from the game until you go back to the main menu.




Toggles the HUD


player.modav carryweight [number]


Set maximum carrying weight


tmm 1


All map markers

Player reputation and factions


addreputation <place id> <0-1> <0-100>


Adds player reputation with a town or faction. The value will max out at its normal maximum value of 100. The variable will determine if the amount is added to the player’s fame (1) or infamy (0) with the faction.


removereputation <place id> <0-1> <0-100>


Removes player reputation with a town or faction. The value will max out at its normal minimum value of 0. The variable will determine if the amount is subtracted from the player’s fame (1) or infamy (0) with the faction.


player.setreputation <place id> <0-1> <0-100>


Sets player reputation with a town or faction. The value will max out at its normal minimum and maximum values of 0 and 100. The variable will determine if the amount is set for the player’s fame (1) or infamy (0) with the faction.

Spawning Weapons


player.additem <base ID> <amount>


Will add an item into your inventory. Spawned items will already be at full health and undamaged.


ID: 0008F216 – .357 Magnum Revolver
ID: 0008F215 – .44 Magnum Revolver
ID: 000E3778 – 9mm Pistol
ID: 0000434F – 10mm Pistol
ID: 0008F213 – 12.7mm Pistol
ID: 000E377A – Silenced .22 Pistol
ID: 0008F214 – Hunting Revolver

Unique Pistols

ID: 000E2C86 – Lucky (.357 Magnum Revolver)
ID: 00127C6C – Mysterious Magnum (.44 Magnum Revolver)
ID: 00133058 – That Gun (5.56mm Pistol)
ID: 000E7655 – Maria (9mm Pistol)
ID: 00129A44 – Ranger Sequoia (Hunting Revolver)


ID: 0008F21C – Anti-Materiel Rifle
ID: 0008F21E – Assault Carbine
ID: 00004323 – BB Gun
ID: 00121148 – Brush Gun
ID: 0008F21A – Cowboy Repeater
ID: 00004333 – Hunting Rifle
ID: 000906DF – Light Machine Gun
ID: 00106FEA – Marksman Carbine
ID: 000E9C3B – Service Rifle
ID: 00004353 – Sniper Rifle
ID: 000CD539 – Trail Carbine
ID: 0007EA24 – Varmint Rifle

Unique Rifles

ID: 000F062B – This Machine (Battle Rifle)
ID: 0015FF5D – The Abilene Kid LE BB Gun (BB Gun)
ID: 000F56F5 – La Longue Carabine (Cowboy Repeater)
ID: 00106FEB – All-American (Marksman Carbine)
ID: 001429E1 – Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
ID: 000E5B17 – Ratslayer (Varmint Rifle)


ID: 0008F217 – 9mm Submachine Gun
ID: 00004321 – 10mm Submachine Gun
ID: 0008F218 – Silenced .22 SMG
ID: 001429D1 – 12.7mm Submachine Gun

Unique SMGs

ID: 000E32F4 – Vance’s SMG (9mm Submachine Gun)


ID: 000CD53A – Caravan Shotgun
ID: 0008ED0B – Hunting Shotgun
ID: 0008ED0C – Lever-action Shotgun
ID: 0008ED0A – Riot Shotgun
ID: 0000434C – Sawed-off Shotgun
ID: 000E393B – Single Shotgun

Unique Shotguns

ID: 000F0B12 – Dinner Bell (Hunting Shotgun)
ID: 001673CD – Big Boomer (Sawed-off Shotgun)
ID: 001735E3 – Sturdy Caravan Shotgun

Heavy Weapons

ID: 0000433F – Minigun

Unique Heavy Weapons

ID: 001629B6 – CZ57 Avenger (Minigun)

Energy Pistols

ID: 00004335 – Laser Pistol
ID: 00004343 – Plasma Pistol
ID: 00090A6B – Pulse Gun
ID: 0009071F – Recharger Pistol
ID: 00090727 – Plasma Defender

Unique Energy Pistols

ID: 00004322 – Alien Blaster
ID: 0014EB3C – Euclid’s C-Finder
ID: 00103B1D – Pew Pew (Laser Pistol)

Energy Rifles

ID: 0015837B – Gauss Rifle
ID: 0009073B – Laser RCW
ID: 00004336 – Laser Rifle
ID: 00121168 – Multiplas Rifle
ID: 00004344 – Plasma Rifle
ID: 00121154 – Recharger Rifle
ID: 000E2BF4 – Tri-beam Laser Rifle

Unique Energy Rifles

ID: 0015B38D – YCS/186 (Gauss Rifle)
ID: 001479B3 – AER14 prototype (Laser Rifle)
ID: 000E6064 – Q-35 Matter Modulator (Plasma Rifle)

Heavy Energy Weapons

ID: 0000432D – Flamer
ID: 0000432E – Gatling Laser
ID: 000E2BFC – Heavy Incinerator
ID: 000906DA – Incinerator
ID: 000906CF – Plasma Caster
ID: 000E2BEC – Tesla Cannon

Unique Heavy Energy Weapons

ID: 0015A47F – Tesla-Beaton Prototype (Tesla Cannon)

Projectile Weapons

ID: 0000432C – Fat Man
ID: 00090A6A – Grenade Machinegun
ID: 0007EA25 – Grenade Launcher
ID: 000FF576 – Grenade Rifle
ID: 00004340 – Missile Launcher

Unique Projectile Weapons

ID: 0015FFF4 – Mercy (Grenade Machinegun)
ID: 001429E2 – Thump-Thump (Grenade Rifle)
ID: 00162019 – Annabelle (Missile Launcher)

Thrown Explosives

ID: 000BA0F3 – Dynamite
ID: 00004330 – Frag Grenade
ID: 0014DDDE – Incendiary Grenade
ID: 00109A0C – Long-fuse Dynamite
ID: 00004332 – Plasma Grenade
ID: 00004331 – Pulse Grenade

Unique Thrown Explosives

ID: 0014EA5A – Holy Frag Grenade

Placed Explosives

ID: 0000433A – Bottlecap Mine
ID: 001221C1 – C-4 plastic explosive
ID: 0000433C – Frag Mine
ID: 0000433D – Plasma Mine
ID: 00109A0B – Powder Charge
ID: 0000433E – Pulse Mine
ID: 0013D534 – Time Bomb

Bladed Melee Weapons

ID: 000CD50D – Bumper Sword
ID: 0015FE44 – Chainsaw
ID: 00109A0A – Cleaver
ID: 00004326 – Combat Knife
ID: 0011A8B9 – Fire Axe
ID: 0011A8E4 – Hatchet
ID: 00004334 – Knife
ID: 000CE569 – Machete
ID: 0015430B – Machete Gladius
ID: 00004349 – Ripper
ID: 0000434E – Shishkebab
ID: 000F0F04 – Straight Razor
ID: 000289C3 – Switchblade
ID: 0015C881 – Thermic Lance

Unique Bladed Melee Weapons

ID: 00143FBA – Blade of the East (Bumper Sword)
ID: 0014D2AA – Chopper (Cleaver)
ID: 00162C92 – Chance’s Knife (Combat Knife)
ID: 00156F7C – Knock-Knock (Fire Axe)
ID: 00127E45 – Liberator (Machete)
ID: 0014D2A7 – Figaro (Straight Razor)

Blunt Melee Weapons

ID: 000FC335 – 9 Iron
ID: 0000421C – Baseball Bat
ID: 0013316D – Cattle Prod
ID: 0011A8A0 – Dress Cane
ID: 00004337 – Lead Pipe
ID: 000A01DD – Nail Board
ID: 00004346 – Pool Cue
ID: 00004345 – Police Baton
ID: 000CD50E – Rebar Club
ID: 000B2943 – Rolling Pin
ID: 0011E46F – Shovel
ID: 00004351 – Sledgehammer
ID: 00004352 – Super Sledge
ID: 00004328 – Tire Iron

Unique Blunt Melee Weapons

ID: 000F56F6 – Nephi’s golf driver (9 Iron)
ID: 00157BCA – The Humble Cudgel (Lead Pipe)
ID: 00156968 – Oh, Baby! (Super Sledge)

Thrown Weapons

ID: 0014DE1D – Throwing Hatchet
ID: 00161246 – Throwing Knife
ID: 0014D2AC – Throwing Spear

Unarmed Weapons

ID: 0015BA03 – Ballistic Fist
ID: 001519E0 – Bladed Gauntlet
ID: 000E5391 – Boxing Gloves
ID: 0012D852 – Boxing Tape
ID: 00004324 – Brass Knuckles
ID: 00155E66 – Displacer Glove
ID: 00146C79 – Dog Tag Fist
ID: 001524B3 – Mantis Gauntlet
ID: 00004347 – Power Fist
ID: 00004354 – Spiked Knuckles
ID: 0015BA78 – Zap Glove
ID: 0000432B – Deathclaw Gauntlet

Unique Unarmed Weapons

ID: 00151D0C – Cram Opener (Bladed Gauntlet)
ID: 000E58BB – Golden Gloves (Boxing Gloves)
ID: 00155E6D – Pushy (Displacer Glove)
ID: 0012ADB8 – Recompense of the Fallen (Dog Tag Fist)
ID: 001568E6 – Love and Hate (Spiked Knuckles)
ID: 0015BA72 – Paladin Toaster (Zap Glove)


ID: 000E6346 – Binoculars
ID: 0011A208 – Codac R9000
ID: 00130041 – Detonator

Spawning Ammo


player.additem <base ID> <amount>


Will add an item into your inventory. Spawned items will already be at full health and undamaged.


.22LR Round

ID: 0007EA27 – Standard
ID: 0013E439 – Hollow Point
ID: 00121162 – Plinking

.308 Round

ID: 0006B53C – Standard
ID: 0013E443 – Hollow Point
ID: 0013E442 – Armor Piercing

.357 Magnum Round

ID: 0008ED02 – Standard
ID: 0013E43C – Hollow Point
ID: 0015E8EE – .38 Special Round

44 Magnum Round

ID: 0002937E – Standard
ID: 0013E437 – Hollow Point
ID: 0015E8ED – Special Round

.45-70 Gov’t

ID: 00121133 – Standard
ID: 0013E43D – Hollow Point

.50 MG

ID: 0008ECFF – Standard
ID: 0013E445 – Armor Piercing
ID: 0013E444 – Incendiary

5mm Round

ID: 0006B53D – Standard
ID: 0013E43F – Armor Piercing
ID: 001613FF – Hollow Point
ID: 00121150 – Surplus

5.56mm Round

ID: 00004240 – Standard
ID: 00140A9F – Armor Piercing
ID: 0013E440 – Surplus
ID: 0013E441 – Hollow Point
ID: 00160C41 – .223 Caliber Round

9mm Round

ID: 0008ED03 – Standard
ID: 00160C40 – +P
ID: 0013E43A – Hollow Point

10mm Round

ID: 00004241 – Standard
ID: 0013E43B – Hollow Point

12.7mm Round

ID: 001429CF – Standard
ID: 001613D4 – Hollow Point

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

ID: 0008ECF5 – Standard
ID: 0013E446 – Bean Bag
ID: 001582DA – Coin Shot
ID: 00165E79 – Magnum
ID: 0013E447 – Slug

20 Gauge Shotgun Shell

ID: 000E86F2 – Standard
ID: 0013E448 – Slug
ID: 00165E7A – Magnum


25mm Grenade

ID: 00096C40 – Standard
ID: 0013E449 – High Explosive

40mm Grenade

ID: 0007EA26 – Standard
ID: 00158307 – Incendiary


ID: 00029383 – Standard
ID: 0013E44B – High Explosive
ID: 0013E44C – High Velocity

Mini Nuke

ID: 00020799 – Standard

Energy Weapons

Alien Power Cell

ID: 00029364 – Standard


ID: 0016AEF9 – Standard

Electron Charge Pack

ID: 0006B53E – Standard
ID: 00158311 – Bulk
ID: 0015830D – Over Charge
ID: 0015830E – Max Charge

Energy Cell

ID: 00020772 – Standard
ID: 00158313 – Bulk
ID: 001582DF – Over Charge
ID: 001582E0 – Max Charge

Flamer Fuel

ID: 00029371 – Standard
ID: 00166F62 – Homemade

Microfusion Cell

ID: 00004485 – Standard
ID: 00158312 – Bulk
ID: 0015830B – Over Charge
ID: 0015830C – Max Charge

Microfusion Breeder

ID: 00121155 – Standard



ID: 0002935B – Standard

Camera Film

ID: 0011A207 – Standard

Spawning Clothing and Armor


player.additem <base ID> <amount>


Will add an item into your inventory. Spawned items will already be at full health and undamaged.

Clothing and Armor


ID: 0011BEE2 – Ambassador Crocker’s Suit
ID: 0010CDA4 – Arcade’s Lab Coat
ID: 00104C23 – Benny’s Suit
ID: 0010D8DB – Bounty Hunter Duster
ID: 00018DE5 – Brahmin-skin Outfit
ID: 00081792 – Bright Brotherhood Robe
ID: 00109A93 – Boomer Flightsuit
ID: 00109A92 – Boomer Jumpsuit
ID: 0005B6EA – Blast Off Pajamas
ID: 000EF1CB – Caravaneer Outfit
ID: 00120854 – Chained Prostitute Outfit
ID: 0013F80E – Civilian Engineer Jumpsuit
ID: 0010E1DF – Dapper Gambler Suit
ID: 00120855 – Exposed Prostitute Outfit
ID: 00034125 – Eulogy Jones’ Suit
ID: 0010E1DD – Fancy Gambler Suit
ID: 000EF1CC – Field Hand Outfit
ID: 0010C876 – Followers Doctor Coat
ID: 00158615 – Followers Lab Coat
ID: 001258C2 – Formal Wear
ID: 000B1056 – Grimy Pre-War Businesswear
ID: 000BF6FD – Handyman Jumpsuit
ID: 0010C67C – Jailhouse Rocker
ID: 001428EC – Jason Bright’s Outfit
ID: 00107AF2 – Janet’s Boomer Outfit
ID: 00110A74 – Kings Outfit
ID: 000340D7 – Lab Technician Outfit
ID: 00112DAF – Memphis Kid Outfit
ID: 000C8E07 – Naughty Nightwear
ID: 000A472F – Powder Gang Plain Outfit
ID: 000A4731 – Powder Gang Simple Outfit
ID: 000A472E – Powder Gang Soldier Outfit
ID: 0013002C – President Kimball’s Suit
ID: 000EF1CE – Prospector Outfit
ID: 00120853 – Prostitute Outfit
ID: 0011F87D – Ranger Casual Outfit
ID: 0011F87B – Ranger Red Scarf Outfit
ID: 0011F87C – Ranger Vest Outfit
ID: 00153A0E – Repconn Jumpsuit
ID: 0003411A – RobCo Jumpsuit
ID: 0002B385 – Roving Trader Outfit
ID: 000EF1CD – Settler Outfit
ID: 000340E6 – Sexy Sleepwear
ID: 0010E1E0 – Shabby Gambler Suit
ID: 00020429 – Sheriff’s Duster
ID: 000340D9 – Scientist Outfit
ID: 001370D6 – Slave Rags
ID: 000CB60E – Sleepwear
ID: 0011689A – Mysterious Stranger Trenchcoat
ID: 00096CB7 – Tenpenny’s Suit
ID: 0002042E – Tunnel Snake Outfit
ID: 0001CBDC – Vault Lab Uniform
ID: 0012B966 – Vault 11 Jumpsuit
ID: 0000431E – Vault 101 Jumpsuit
ID: 001300AF – Vault 19 Jumpsuit
ID: 00104184 – Vault 21 Jumpsuit
ID: 000FD175 – Vault 22 Jumpsuit
ID: 001300B0 – Vault 24 Jumpsuit
ID: 000EFB23 – Vault 3 Jumpsuit
ID: 000FD771 – Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit
ID: 0012B965 – Vault 34 Jumpsuit
ID: 001176E3 – Viva Las Vegas
ID: 000340FE – Wasteland Doctor Fatigues
ID: 000CB609 – Wasteland Legend Outfit
ID: 0001CBDB – Wasteland Settler Outfit
ID: 000340FF – Wasteland Surgeon Outfit
ID: 0001BA00 – Wasteland Wanderer Outfit
ID: 0010E1DE – Well-Heeled Gambler Suit
ID: 00163119 – White Glove Society Attire

Light Armor

ID: 0003307A – Advanced Radiation Suit
ID: 000CB605 – All-Purpose Science Suit
ID: 001735D1 – Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit
ID: 0006C587 – Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit
ID: 001046F8 – Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit
ID: 0015FD5C – Chinese Stealth Armor
ID: 000CB544 – Commando Armor
ID: 000CB543 – Defender Armor
ID: 000CB549 – Explorer’s Gear
ID: 00157CD2 – Gladiator Armor
ID: 00020423 – Leather Armor
ID: 001264FE – Leather armor, Reinforced
ID: 001735E0 – Lightweight Leather Armor
ID: 00034124 – Merc Adventurer Outfit
ID: 00034122 – Merc Charmer Outfit
ID: 000C5D34 – Merc Cruiser Outfit
ID: 000A3045 – Merc Grunt Outfit
ID: 00034123 – Merc Troublemaker Outfit
ID: 0008C83C – Merc Veteran Outfit
ID: 00033078 – Radiation Suit
ID: 0003307D – Raider Badlands Armor
ID: 0003307E – Raider Blastmaster Armor
ID: 0002042F – Raider Painspike Armor
ID: 0003307C – Raider Sadist Armor
ID: 000CB5FE – Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor
ID: 000CB5FF – Highway Scar Armor
ID: 000CB5FC – Sharp-Dressed Raider’s Armor
ID: 0003E54A – Regulator Duster
ID: 000A4730 – Powder Gang Guard Armor
ID: 000CE552 – Space Suit
ID: 001735E2 – Tribal Raiding Armor
ID: 00138DC2 – Vault 34 Security Armor

Medium Armor

ID: 00020420 – Combat Armor
ID: 0010D8DC – Combat Armor, Black
ID: 00126500 – Combat Armor, Reinforced
ID: 0015EF66 – Combat Armor, Reinforced Mk 2
ID: 001735E1 – Lightweight Metal Armor
ID: 000CB5EF – Shellshocked Combat Armor

Heavy Armor

ID: 0003307F – Metal Armor
ID: 001264FF – Metal Armor, Reinforced


ID: 0015E35D – General Oliver’s Uniform
ID: 0013F80F – NCR Engineer Jumpsuit
ID: 0010D2CD – NCR Trooper Fatigues
ID: 000EE691 – NCR Bandoleer Armor
ID: 000EE690 – NCR Face Wrap Armor
ID: 000EE693 – NCR Mantle Armor
ID: 0012116A – NCR Military Police Armor
ID: 00129254 – NCR Ranger Combat Armor
ID: 000CE553 – NCR Ranger Patrol Armor
ID: 000EE692 – NCR Trooper Armor
ID: 0013316A – NCR Salvaged Power Armor
ID: 0013316B – Salvaged Power Helmet
ID: 0010BEE9 – MP Trooper Helmet
ID: 00145EC5 – Ranger Helmet
ID: 000EE68F – Trooper Helmet

Caesar’s Legion

ID: 0013BF53 – Caesar’s Armor
ID: 000EE47B – Legion Explorer Armor
ID: 000EE480 – Legion Praetorian Armor
ID: 000EE47D – Legion Prime Armor
ID: 000EE47C – Legion Recruit Armor
ID: 000EE47E – Legion Veteran Armor
ID: 000EE481 – Legion Centurion Armor
ID: 000EE47F – Legion Vexillarius Armor
ID: 001649DD – Legate Armor
ID: 000EE483 – Centurion Helmet
ID: 0013E25A – Legate Helmet
ID: 000EE488 – Prime Decanus Helmet
ID: 000EE487 – Prime Helmet
ID: 000EE486 – Recruit Decanus Helmet
ID: 000EE485 – Recruit Helmet
ID: 000EE48A – Veteran Decanus Helmet
ID: 000EE489 – Veteran Helmet
ID: 000EE484 – Vexillarius Helmet

Brotherhood of Steel

ID: 000ACD5A – Brotherhood Elder’s Robe
ID: 000854CF – Brotherhood Scribe Robe
ID: 0003064D – Recon Armor
ID: 00075201 – Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor
ID: 000EE68D – Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor
ID: 00014E13 – T-45d Power Armor
ID: 000A6F77 – T-51b Power Armor
ID: 00028EAD – Recon Helmet
ID: 00014C08 – T-45d Power Helmet
ID: 000A6F78 – T-51b Power Helmet
ID: 0007836E – Prototype Medical Power Armor
ID: 000CB5FA – Composite Recon Armor
ID: 000CB5FB – Composite Recon Helmet


ID: 000340DE – Enclave Officer Uniform
ID: 00133168 – Gannon Family Tesla Armor
ID: 000CB5F3 – Enclave Shocktrooper Armor
ID: 00133166 – Remnants Power Armor
ID: 00133F31 – Remnants Tesla Armor
ID: 00078647 – Enclave Officer Hat
ID: 000CB5F4 – Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet
ID: 00133169 – Gannon Family Tesla Helmet
ID: 00133167 – Remnants Power Helmet
ID: 00134094 – Remnants Tesla Helmet
ID: 0013F3A6 – Enclave Scientist Suit
ID: 0001B5BD – Enclave Scientist Outfit
ID: 0008F571 – Tesla ArmorFX (Can be combined together)
ID: 0006B464 – Tesla Armor (Can be combined together)
ID: 0006B465 – Tesla Helmet

Great Khans

ID: 000E674B – Great Khan Armored Leather
ID: 000E674C – Great Khan Simple Armor
ID: 000E6749 – Great Khan Soldier Armor
ID: 000E674A – Great Khan Suit Armor
ID: 000E7091 – Great Khan Spike Helmet
ID: 0015A935 – Papa Khan Helmet

Spawning Other Clothing Items

player.additem <base_id> <amount>


Will add an item into your inventory. Spawned items will already be at full health and undamaged.

Hats, helmets and other items


ID: 0011F881 – Authority Glasses
ID: 000340FD – Eyeglasses
ID: 000CB54B – Lucky Shades
ID: 0001C296 – Reading Glasses
ID: 0005C99F – Sunglasses
ID: 0001C295 – Tinted Reading Glasses
ID: 0005C9A1 – Tortiseshell Glasses
ID: 0005C9A0 – Doctor Li’s Glasses


ID: 000CCEBF – 1st Recon Beret
ID: 00028FFA – Ballcap With Glasses
ID: 000B7F53 – Boone’s Beret
ID: 0010B3E7 – Boomers Cap
ID: 0010B3E9 – Boomers Helmet
ID: 0010B3E8 – Boomers Hat
ID: 000B7F53 – Boone’s Beret
ID: 00073D57 – Bandana
ID: 000CD270 – Beret
ID: 00116E26 – Caleb McCaffery’s Hat
ID: 001083E0 – Cattleman Cowboy Hat
ID: 000E78C6 – Construction Hat
ID: 0010EA7F – Dapper Gambler Hat
ID: 000E2DD0 – Desperado Cowboy Hat
ID: 000CDF63 – Destroyed Party Hat
ID: 00034126 – Eulogy Jones’ Hat
ID: 0010EA81 – Fancy Gambler Hat
ID: 0011689B – Fedora
ID: 00074296 – Head Wrap
ID: 0017409D – Jessup’s Bandana
ID: 0006B467 – Mysterious Stranger Hat
ID: 0010A428 – Old Cowboy Hat
ID: 00050E44 – Party Hat
ID: 000AB491 – Police Hat
ID: 00028FF9 – Pre-War Baseball Cap
ID: 000340CD – Pre-War Bonnet
ID: 000340C8 – Pre-War Hat
ID: 0011F87E – Ranger Brown Hat
ID: 0011F87F – Ranger Grey Hat
ID: 000CE26D – Ranger Hat
ID: 0011F880 – Ranger Tan Hat
ID: 0010A427 – Rattan Cowboy Hat
ID: 001083E1 – Rawhide Cowboy Hat
ID: 00078648 – Roving Trader Hat
ID: 0002DD80 – Sheriff’s Hat
ID: 0009B189 – Stormchaser Hat
ID: 0010EA80 – Stylish Gambler Hat
ID: 0012B86D – Suave Gambler Hat
ID: 001258C3 – Tuxedo Hat
ID: 000E2F40 – Vance’s Lucky Hat
ID: 000E32F1 – Vikki’s Bonnet
ID: 0012B86E – Well-heeled Gambler hat


ID: 00020426 – Combat Helmet
ID: 0014722A – Combat Helmet, Reinforced
ID: 0015EF67 – Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mk 2
ID: 0015FD5D – Chinese Stealth Helmet
ID: 000B17A0 – Eyebot Helmet
ID: 000E89F3 – Fiend Battle Helmet
ID: 000FCEBC – Fiend Helmet
ID: 000FCEBB – Fiend Warrior Helmet
ID: 00146F23 – Fire Helmet
ID: 000EE68E – Goggles Helmet
ID: 00033080 – Metal Helmet
ID: 00140D46 – Metal Helmet, Reinforced
ID: 000F3797 – Motor-Runner’s Helmet
ID: 0009B186 – Motorcycle Helmet
ID: 000CB5fD – The Devil’s Pigtails
ID: 00078644 – Raider Arclight Helmet
ID: 0005B6E8 – Raider Blastmaster Helmet
ID: 00020432 – Raider Psycho-tic Helmet
ID: 00078645 – Raider Wastehound Helmet
ID: 001370FD – Slave Scarf
ID: 000CEE21 – Space Suit Helmet
ID: 00138DC3 – Vault 34 Security Helmet
ID: 0010A0D0 – Welding Helmet


ID: 0009B188 – Biker Goggles
ID: 0014E834 – Destroyed Collar
ID: 000EE482 – Explorer Hood
ID: 00033598 – Hockey Mask
ID: 00100633 – Rebreather
ID: 0003E591 – Surgical Mask
ID: 001168A4 – White Glove Society Mask
ID: 0011A970 – White Mask

Spawning Miscellaneous Items


player.additem <base ID> <amount>


Will add an item into your inventory. Spawned items will already be at full health and undamaged.


ID: 0000000F – Nuka Cola Caps
ID: 001017C6 – Sunset Sarsaparilla Caps
ID: 00176AC4 – Legion Denarius
ID: 00176AC7 – Legion Aureus
ID: 00176AC6 – NCR 5 Dollar
ID: 00176AC8 – NCR 20 Dollar
ID: 00176AC9 – NCR 100 Dollar

Poker Chips

ID: 00144C3B – The Tops
ID: 00144C3C – Ultra-Luxe
ID: 00139FE0 – Gomorrah
ID: 00144C3E – Atomic Wrangler
ID: 00144C3D – Vikki and Vance Casino

Snow Globes

ID: 0015DB3D – The Strip
ID: 0015DB3C – Nellis
ID: 0015DB3B – TestSite
ID: 0015DB3A – Goodsprings
ID: 0015DB39 – HooverDam
ID: 0015DB38 – Mt. Charleston
ID: 0015DB37 – Mormon Fort

Skill Books

ID: 0006A80C – Explosives
ID: 00034048 – Big Guns
ID: 00034046 – Lockpicking
ID: 00034045 – Sneak
ID: 00034044 – Speech
ID: 00034043 – Medicine
ID: 00034042 – Barter
ID: 00034041 – Energy Weapons
ID: 00034040 – Melee
ID: 0003403F – Unarmed
ID: 0003403E – Guns
ID: 0003403D – Repair
ID: 0003403C – Science
ID: 00160227 – Survival


ID: 000E2C6F – Anti-venom
ID: 000CB05C – Doctor’s Bag
ID: 00015164 – Jet
ID: 00050F8F – Med-X
ID: 00015166 – Psycho
ID: 00015168 – Rad-X
ID: 00015167 – Radaway
ID: 00146CCA – Slasher
ID: 00015169 – Stimpak
ID: 000CCEF2 – Super Stimpak


ID: 00168A6C – Acoustic Guitar
ID: 0003405E – Brahmin Skull
ID: 00043E94 – Stealth Boy
ID: 00140A68 – Weapon Repair Kit
ID: 001735D2 – Vault 13 canteen

NPC Controls




Will revive the selected non-player character and renews their inventory.


resurrect 1


Will revive the selected non-player character without renewing their inventory.




Kills the selected non-player character. Killing quest-related NPCs may lead to failed quests.




Kills all non-invincible NPCs in the nearby area. Use with caution, as some quest-essential NPCs you can’t see directly may also be killed. Also affects companions (rendering them “unconscious” in Casual mode but actually killing them in Hardcore).




Toggles A.I. player detection causing the player to always be hidden.


addtofaction <faction id> <X>


Makes selected non-player character a member of a specific faction. Replace X with ether “1” to make the non-player character an ally of the faction or “0” to simply make him/her friendly with it. Be sure to click on each character you want to add to the faction before entering the command.


removefromfaction <faction id>


Removes non-player character from a specific faction.




Toggle all non-player character combat A.I. (non-player characters doesn’t fight)




Toggle all or selected non-player character A.I. (disables A.I. processing)


OpenTeammateContainer 1


Will open their inventory, as though they were a companion, for the transfer of inventory items.


SetRestrained 1


Will cause an actor to stand in place, not engaging in combat or carrying out AI packages.

Spawning Basic NPC’s (Factions)


player.placeatme <form ID>


Spawns Creature/Non-player character, static objects, and containers. They will spawn on top of you, so make sure you are in an open area if you spawn a lot.


ID: 0015E238 – NCR Trooper
ID: 00160045 – NCR Military Police
ID: 000E7E24 – NCR Sergeant
ID: 00152CBE – NCR Ranger
ID: 00179AFC – NCR Veteran Ranger
ID: 0013D7E1 – NCR Ranger Veteran Commander
ID: 00179B0D – NCR Heavy Trooper

Caesar’s Legion

ID: 00139385 – Recruit Legionary
ID: 0017498D – Prime Legionary
ID: 001657FA – Veteran Legionary
ID: 001607D7 – Recruit Decanus
ID: 0016580D – Prime Decanus
ID: 001607D7 – Veteran Decanus
ID: 00174996 – Centurion
ID: 001252C4 – Legion Explorer
ID: 0016340D – Legionary Assassin
ID: 001370E7 – Legion Vexillarius
ID: 00139387 – Praetorian Guard
ID: 0012716F – Legionary Blacksmith
ID: 00136A20 – Legion Mongrel

Brotherhood of Steel

ID: 000D76A0 – Scribe
ID: 0015E581 – Paladin
ID: 000A41AB – Knight

Powder Gang

ID: 0008D371 – Powder Ganger (Melee)
ID: 0008D372 – Powder Ganger (Guns)
ID: 0008F115 – Powder Ganger (NCR CF Guns)
ID: 00090B87 – Powder Ganger (NCR CF Melee)
ID: 000A5AD7 – Powder Ganger Bodyguard

Spawning Basic NPC’s (Creatures)


player.placeatme <form ID>


Spawns Creature/Non-player character, static objects, and containers. They will spawn on top of you, so make sure you are in an open area if you spawn a lot.


ID: 001690AC – Alien
ID: 001690E9 – Alien Captain


ID: 0001CFA2 – Brahmin
ID: 000CAFF8 – Mad Brahmin (hostile)
ID: 000F0B30 – Water Brahmin


ID: 000E584D – Cazador
ID: 0014F478 – Young Cazador
ID: 00166DF8 – Legendary Cazador


ID: 0014F42C – Deathclaw
ID: 00167EC1 – Deathclaw Alpha Male
ID: 000E59E7 – Deathclaw Mother
ID: 000E601F – Deathclaw Baby
ID: 0014F42D – Young Deathclaw
ID: 00167EFF – Legendary Deathclaw


ID: 0001CF9C – Dog
ID: 0014F44E – Large Dog
ID: 000C938B – Prospector’s Dog
ID: 000A46F4 – NCR Guard Dog
ID: 0001CFA3 – Vicious Dog
ID: 0015C690 – Wild Dog
ID: 0015C68F – Large Wild Dog

Feral Ghoul

ID: 00167ECC – Feral Ghoul
ID: 00167ECE – Feral Ghoul Roamer
ID: 0017283A – Feral Ghoul Reaver
ID: 0014451B – Feral Trooper Ghoul
ID: 00167ED0 – Glowing One
ID: 00132541 – Overseer


ID: 00145EDB – Lakelurk
ID: 0014F44C – Alpha Male Lakelurk
ID: 00145EDA – Lakelurk King


ID: 0007EA2A – Nightkin v1
ID: 0007EA2B – Nightkin v2
ID: 000BAC89 – Nightkin Jailer
ID: 0007EA2C – Nightkin Master
ID: 000E794E – Nightkin Sniper


ID: 00135B9C – Radscorpion
ID: 00145E76 – Giant Radscorpion
ID: 0013FE86 – Radscorpion Queen

Super Mutant

ID: 0003A147 – Super Mutant
ID: 00027FB3 – Super Mutant Brute
ID: 00092C4D – Super Mutant Master

Spawning Basic NPC’s (Robots)


player.placeatme <form ID>


Spawns Creature/Non-player character, static objects, and containers. They will spawn on top of you, so make sure you are in an open area if you spawn a lot.



ID: 000E5852 – Combat Eyebot
ID: 00095D25 – Enclave Eyebot
ID: 0010470A – Sunset Sarsaparilla Eyebot

Mister Gutsy

ID: 00021EBD – Mister Gutsy
ID: 000E585C – Hardened Mister Gutsy
ID: 00099D24 – Mister Gutsy Prototype
ID: 000FFC9D – Mr. Steel

Mister Handy

ID: 0002977A – Mister Handy
ID: 000CE6EA – Crazed Mister Handy


ID: 00129D89 – Protectron
ID: 00104707 – Shipping Worker
ID: 0010596E – Sunset Sarsaparilla Security


ID: 0001CF89 – Robobrain
ID: 000A5C6C – U.S. Army Robobrain


ID: 00158646 – Securitron Mk I
ID: 001787EC – Securitron Mk II
ID: 00158643 – Securitron Mk II (hoover damn battle)

Sentry Bot

ID: 001349CB – Sentry Bot
ID: 000E585D – Hardened Sentry Bot
ID: 000FE9EA – NCR Sentry Bot

Automated Turret

Mark Series Turret

ID: 0013E74D – Mark III Turret
ID: 000DA498 – Mark VI Turret

Thanks to Alita for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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