Fallout New Vegas RU: How to Fix “Ghost Town Gunfight” Issue

Fix for the “Ghost Town Gunfight” quest, where you discuss with Joe Cobb the possibility of capturing Goodsprings, but then decide to help the townspeople.
1 – Intro
Today I decided to play FNV and encountered a problem – If you talk to Joe Cobb, then kill him and go looking for Ringo – Ringo will not give you the opportunity to continue the quest, accusing that you are “with the bombers on a short leg”. Even if you tell Ringo you killed Cobb. Even if you drag Cobbs body to the gas station where he hides. So, i decided to use some console commands and wants to share them with anyone in need.

2 – Fixing
First thing first – we need base id of that quest. Its 00104eae
Then we needs a save before Ringo closes our quest (i dunno if it will works when he denies out help and quest fails)
Luckily, i’v got one of the autosaves
I stepped outside of gas station
Opened console and used commands below

resetquest 00104eae – resets quest
sqs 00104eae – to see stages of that quest i can use
setstage 00104eae 5 – quest starting stage
setstage 00104eae 10 – Ringo now should ask you about Sunny Smiles

after that, you should do quest as always
i gathered whole town without a problem and killed all bandits
If Ringo keeps saying about some bandits to look – you need to find Cobbs corpse, select it in console, type resurrect and kill him again
After that, quest should be complete and Ringo will reward you with caps
Hope it helps! Happy New Year everybody!

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