Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – How to Solve The Windowed Bug

You can follow this method step-by-step below. hope it will help you sole this issue.


Step 1:Identify the problem

Ok so first you should close any program that uses overlays(team viewer for example) and close any recorder you may be using if this doesn’t solve it keep reading If this doesn’t work I don’t recommend you to open those programs again
If this works for you find out which program it was so you don’t have to close them all


Step 2: disable steam overlay

You know this is an Ubisoft game that requires Uplay what may be happening is the steam overlay conflicting with Uplay’s overlay.

You may disable the overlay by clicking steam in the left corner then settings and then In-game you need to untick the opyion saying “Enable steam overlay while In-game”


Step 3: old school solutions

So you got here because you want steam overlay on to talk to someone or none of the other options worked then as a friend once sayed

Originally posted by Chronomaly:

Just use the old-school command ALT+Enter and you won’t have to worry about going into settings all the time.

This was bugging the crap out of me too


Step 4: Enjoy

Now you are ready to shoot some bad guys like the badass people say you aren’t
ready to see ear and laugh to some 80s references
Ready to do that tutorial?
Because heck yeah I think you are

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