Far Cry New Dawn: Splinter Cell Easter Egg

For those who missed out, there’s a nit Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Easter egg out there.
It’s super easy to get to but seems like a lot of you fine folks missed out on this.
So, here’s a quick pointer.


How to unlock it

You will need to unlock and upgrade the Expeditions Missions.

After finishing a few Expedition Missions, you will unlock this one – Government Plane Wreck

Secondary military plane wreck

After reaching the mission location, Ignore the package location and look for a secondary military plane wreck.

Which would look something like this.

Am not giving the map location. Since the location change slightly but it’s not hard to spot. For my first try, the wreck was at the far end of the map, and for my second try, it was right in front of me.

Sam Fisher’s suite

You will find the suite on the second floor of the military plane wreck in a closet.

But first, you will need to unlock it via a laptop located near the 1st-floor opening.
Interact with it to unlock the Suite and go back up to get it.

Bingo, enjoy your Splinter Cell Suite…


Please do read the notes from Sam. Spread throughout the plane wreck.

Thanks to BiteMexD for his great guide for Splinter Cell Easter egg. all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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