Fearmonium: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.


Note: A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Basically, as you move through the story, you will open and find all the items except masks and beetles. Their location is in the manual. Before asking a question about other items, compare your map with the one in the manual and you will find the missing passages.





These achievements are story-driven, you won’t miss them.

Doll’s Eyes
I dont’t play toys anymore
Believe in yourself
Faster than… bus
Lesson learned
Pushing back
Stop dreaming
Expecte Amour
Deep in the woods
Drop-dead beautiful
Main Fear
Bright memory
I can fly
This is the end

I’m so sad

He can open all the ” Passive Effects” slots for 150 stones in total. You will most likely be able to do this at the very end of the game or after completing the game.


You need to improve all 12 “Abilities”. It will cost 10800 balloons. Use the “stones” at the merchant to exchange them for balloons.I used to farm balloons in the area where you can exchange “stones”. From the checkpoint, I went up-right-down-left and stayed at the checkpoint, thus the enemies were again in place. For 1 hour of the game, you can collect about more than 2000 balloons.


You can get this achievement when you open the map. They are not hidden, unlike masks, they just need certain “abilities” to get into a certain area. Perhaps I will add them to the map.

Almost immortal
The Strongest

No limits

These items are also not hidden, just explore the passages that remain on the map, when you complete the game you will have all the items you need. Sometimes you have to rack your brains to get to these items. Basically you need to use “Grandpa” to get where you want to go.


You need to find 3 beetles on the map. This is best done after completing the game. Screenshots to help.

Too hot in here

You need to blow up gas cylinders with a cylinder.

Many faces

All hidden places are marked on the map. Hit the wall with a hammer and the passage will open.


When you find all the items and masks, the map will be 100% open. You can see the map from the “Many faceы” achievement, it is fully open.

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