Feel the Snow: 100% Achievements Guide 2021

The definitive guide to obtain the 100% achievements in the game, with little advices so as to make it easier to achieve. Spoiler Alert!


Feel the Snow

Information and general tips

  • Total achievs: 26
  • Story achievs: 8
  • Multiplayer achievs: 0
  • Hidden achievs: 4
  • Bugged/unobtainable achievs: 0
  • Missable achievs: 1

 You unlock new recipes by killing mobs.
 Using Willie or Annie for the first run and focusing on leveling the sword related skills will make it easier.
 The transportation clouds and making portals is the best way to travel but until you get them the energy ring works just fine.
 It would only require one run to get all the achievs.

True/Silver/Gold lumberjack

“Cut down 50 trees”
“Cut down 100 trees”
“Cut down 200 trees”

How to obtain: Just craft an axe and start chopping trees.
Tips: The trees you’ll chop for your home won’t be enough so you better do a specific farm zone.

True/Silver/Gold miner

“Mine 50 boulders”
“Mine 100 boulders”
“Mine 200 boulders”

How to obtain: Mine either rocks or iron boulders.
Tips: The best spot it’s the savannah-type of biome.

Home Sweet Home

“Build a house”How to obtain: Build your own home.
Tips: So as to be considered a home it must have door, walls, roof, floor and also be closed.

Till the end…

“Die”How to obtain: Get killed.
Tips: It’s easier at night or in the dark zones since the nightmares spawn rate it’s increased.

Acquaintance with nightmares

“Survive the first night”How to obtain: You must survive the first in-game night.
tips: Lock yourself in the Old Mans house until the nightmares stop spawning.

Attention: This is a missable achievement, in case you lost it you’ll have to start a new game.


“Prepare a meal in the boiler”How to obtain: You just have to cook a dish in the boiler, both recipes drop from mobs.
Consejo: The easiest cooking recipe it’s the gulash, it only takes meat and marshmallow.

Ice cream lover

“Eat five ice creams”How to obtain: It’s a night time random event, a comet that turns out to be an ice-cream will fall near you.
Tips: During the game you’ll encounter plenty of them, you don’t have to eat them all together nor eat them in the same in-game day, the progress is saved.

The first thing that came to hand

“Craft a stick”How to obtain: Literally craft a stick.
Tips: You’ll find little dead bushes, pick them up so as to get the mats to craft it.


“Catch a fish”How to obtain: In order to be able to fish you’ll need an ice drill and a fishing rod, use the ice drill in a frozen river, equip and use the fishing rod and play the fishing minigame.
Tips: Fishing is easier than it looks, when you use the fishing rod you’ll get a new set of bars, when a fish gets the bait you’ll see a blue circle, in that moment you need to press E, only if you were fast enough you’ll then see a blue fish as an indicator, then it’s time to look at the color bar, the trick is holding E as much as you can until you reach a red zone but without letting it pass it (because you’ll fail the catch), then release the E until it reaches green and repeat, it should take you 2 Es to get any fish.

Hundred on the hook

“Catch one hundred fishes”How to obtain: You will have to successfully fish 100 times.
Tips: The achiev pops automatically once you reach 100, we recommend the robotpet so you dont have to craft more fishing rods since the pet at level 5-6 can repair it faster than it breaks.

Oh my god. It’s a candy fish!

“Catch a candy fish”How to obtain: Theres a small chance that the fish you catch could be a candy fish.
Tips: You’ll get it eventually, more so if you are aiming for the 100 catch or you use fishing as a food source, also notice that it won’t take you anything special to get it during the fishing minigame.

Saved heart

“Find an ice heart”How to obtain: It pops up after you deal with the first mini boss, the great slime.
Tips: This miniboss makes a sound anytime it’s going to hit or summon mobs, at that moment just move away and come back to attack it.

Treasure Hunter

“Find 12 treasure chests”How to obtain: Dig up 12 treasure chests.
Tips: Treasures from the frozen cave or the tropical biome doesn’t count so you have to get new treasure maps from mobs, the best way to farm them is at the goblin camp using a portal to get in and out so they respawn. Take in mind that you won’t get another map until you find the current one.

30 Days

“Survive 30 game days”How to obtain: Your in-game date from the top right corner must get to day 30.
Tips: Dying won’t invalidate nor mess up this achiev, it does pop up automatically when you reach day 30.

Millions of Blue Roses

“Pick 100 ice roses”
How to obtain: Pick up ice roses that randomly generate in the map.
Tips: This achiev also pops up automatically so you might want to make a little garden farm so as to get it faster.

Double trouble!

“Defeat nightmares on the Island of the Damned”How to obtain: Win the match against the 2 nightmares.
Tips: It’s a 2-phase battle, in the first one mind the metal sticks and in the second one they just join and create a bigger nightmare that spawn mobs from time to time.


“Defeat the nightmare Boss”How to obtain: Win the match against the nightmare boss.
Tips: It has 5 different atacks, the purple bubbles that you need to dodge diagonally, the blue bubbles that you need to avoid by leaving that place or staying under the boss, the claws that you can easily avoid by moving left or right, the missiles that drop in the marked circles and the ray of death that follows you; just try to hit him inbetween the attacks.

End of story

“Complete storyline”How to obtain: Once you activate the final scene.
Tips: Honestly, just enjoy the music.

Hidden Achiev – Dark Heart

“Destroy the Dark Heart”How to obtain: Random generated event marked in red and known as dark zone, there will always be one active, you must go and break the pillar in the middle of the zone while you try to defend yourself from the nightmares, once you break it you can use the crystal.
Tips: Go during the daytime so you can avoid normal generated nightmares in the dark zone, also carry some life potions with you just in case in the early levels.

Hidden Achiev – Knigness winner

“Defeat the Queen Knigness”

How to obtain:Once you win against Knigness in the frozen cave.
Tips:When she starts using the shields you must remember the order of the colors she used because you’ll have to break the crystals in that same order.

Hidden Achiev – Ancient Machine winner

“Defeat the Ancient Machine”

How to obtain:Once you finish the dialogue with the Ancient Machine.
Tips:Use your shield to avoid the lateral rays, carry a spare sword just in case it breaks during the fight and kill the slimes before they reach the machine because they heal it.

Hidden Achiev – Nameless Maiden winner

“Defeat Nameless Maiden”

How to obtain:After you win the match against the Nameless Maiden.
Tips:This is a 3-phase battle, the first one you have to try to hit the roots with the bombs you are getting thrown at, in the second one the bomber mob will spin following you until he gets tired, thats when you have to attack him, and the third one is against the Nameless Maiden, care when the cactus spawn because you’ll have to quickly go to the safe bubble spot.

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