Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake): Audio Fix For Intro Cutscene

This Guide Is To Fix:
The audio skipping issue with the intro cutscene.
The issue is confirmed to be a hardware issue on newer headphone devices and surround sound systems.
This game does not like wireless headphones/audio software such as GHUB and ASTRO.
Windows Enhancements or other installed enhancements will also cause audio problems with this game.


How I Fixed My Audio Problem

If you can make your headphones wired I would highly suggest plugging the headphones with a wired cable. Then un plug and plug in your wireless usb headphone stick into the slowest usb slot available (usually at the top).

You can find the enhancements by searching Change system sounds and clicking properties on your headphones.

The advanced tab with HZ that say DVD (CD) AND FM do not matter. Leave that at default.

Disable Surround Sound

My headphones also had enabled surround sound. Disable this here:

Didn’t Work?

Please search for any software your headphones are using like GHUB or ASTROs pc software and disabled surround sound/ audio range/ boost enhancements as well.
If you find a solution i have not mentioned please comment and I will try to update everyone.

Thanks to ☆Downfall☆ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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