Final Quest II: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough with all achievements guide for Final Quest II game.


Before Starting
  • The only party members you’ll need are Ralph, Bennett and Mila. Leave Jefery as the fourth, anyone else seems to crash the game. He doesn’t even need to be alive.
  • Escape from every non-essential battle for the quickest completion.
  • Mila can heal if you run out of items.
World Map
Refer to this when I say locations numbers.

New Game
Tutorial. Talk to the hero. Choose “Yes”.
The start of anew journey

  • You ready? This is gonna be dangerous!
Fangdor Fortress

After getting control, travel south and open the chest you walked past earlier.
You found 100 Gold!

  • Get the loot!

Enter the town.

Enter the first house on the left. Talk to your mother. Grab [100G] up top and [200G] upstairs. Exit through the door in the lower right.
Wind your way northwest to the pub. Grab [200G]. Talk to the guy in the blue hat. Bennett joins your party.
Diamond film

  • What could this be?

Exit the pub and town through the north exit.

World Map

Board the airship. Fly west to Location #1.


Grab [700G]. Head inside. Talk to Leona. She joins your party.
Leona joined the party!

  • Her star burns brightly!


World Map

Board the airship. Enter it with Q.
Walk west to go below deck. Through the bedrooms and bar to the engine room. Grab [1100G] and [1100G].
Return above deck. Go east to the bridge and into the portal to return to the world map.
Fly to Location #2.

Desert Town

Circle the town to find [400G], [DISPEL HERB], [STIMULANT], [MAGIC WATER], [ANTIDOTE].

  • 1x Castien’s Sword (0g)
  • 3x Castien’s Armour (0g)
  • 3x Castien’s Gauntlet’s (0g)
  • 3x Castien’s Helmet (0g)
  • 1x Spear of Passion (2500g)

and a bunch of antidotes.
Equip Ralph with a set of armour. Bennett the same and the Spear of Passion.

Exit and fly to Location #3.

Snow Cave

Walk north. Talk to Santa.
Save constantly. The battles in this area often crash the game.
Seasons greetings!

  • Ho ho hooooo

Follow the path and enter the cave.

All the way north to a door.
On this floor you can find: [ELIXIR], [MAGIC WATER], [MANA UP], [FULL POTION], [HI-POTION], [HAND AXE]. None of it is really necessary.

On the next floor there’s [POTION], [HI-POTION], [FULL POTION] on the left. [BATTLE AXE], [400G], [BARDICHE] on the right. The potions and 400G might be worth it.
Make your way south. Mila joins your party.
Equip Mila with Castien’s Sword and full armour set.
Travel into the portal in the southwest.

On the south side are stairs. Use them to return to the previous area. Loop around to another set of stairs in the southeast. Run north to a chest with [POTION].
I found a potion!

  • Lucky day!

Return to the area after the portal. Run north and examine the Memory Diamond.
Exit the way you came and return to the airship.

World Map

Board the airship. Enter it with Q.
Go to the bridge and talk to Bennett. Watch the diamond. Into the portal to return to the world map.
Fly to Location #4.

Meteli Temple

Talk to the hooded character for a forced battle.
Be warped to another dimension.
Travel northwest until your return to town.

Around town are a bunch of healing items: [MAGIC WATER], [LIFE UP], [POWER UP], [MANA UP], [DISPEL HERB], [ELIXIR], [ANTIDOTE], [STIMULANT].
Talk to the old man in the east who lets you know you can get quests from the Inn.
Enter the Inn.
Talk to the bald guy and accept the quest.
Exit the town.

Fly straight north and fight the creature.
Return to town.
Return to the bald guy to finish the quest.
Go next door to the Magic Shop. Talk to the man inside.
Go to the north end of town and enter the large temple.

Talk to the lady. Grab [FULL POTION], [POTION], [HI-POTION], and Memory Diamond.
Return to the airship.

World Map

Board the airship. Go to the bridge and talk to Bennett. Return to the world map.
Fly to Location #5.

Holbeck Mountains

West is [300G].
North over the bridge is [900G], [1000G], [1100G], [900G]. The other two chests in the area are [MAGIC WATER] and [BATTLE AXE].
Exit northwest.

Talk to the woman in the west. Eat up, take a nap.
Return to the airship.

World Map

Hopefully you have 7000g by now. Return to the Desert Town.
Buy the Blow Axe and give it to Ralph.
Stock up on Antidote/Dispel Herb and Stimulant.
Fly to Location #6.

Lost Forest

Make your way to the far north end.

In town, you can find: [ELIXIR], [900G], [LIFE UP], [MANA UP].
Enter the house in the northeast. Talk to the bunny girl.
Exit and talk to the man in the red bandanna.
Go east and defeat the creature.
The man in the red bandanna lets you pass now.

Go north and defeat the creature at the north edge of the screen.
Enter the large building in the northeast.
Go upstairs and talk to the girl. Elena joins your party.
Continue north past where that creature was.

Loop your way north, east and south around the waterfall.
Exit south.

North to the next area.
South to the next area.

Another stupid forest maze. Work your way north until you see a bridge. Cross it and and exit northeast.
Continue north to the next area.

Enter the only building. Talk to the blue-haired woman. Take the stuff from the yellow/brown suitcase.
Talk to the blue-haired woman again.
Enjoy the overly long trek back to your airship.

World Map

Fly to Location #7.

La Nouvelle Arbressie

Enter the large building in the northwest.
Talk to the blond girl.

Stock up on healing items. This is the last time you’ll visit a town.
Go to the north side of town and through the iron doors.

Pick up the [NOTE] by the next entrance.

Goblin Cave

(I’m too lazy to list out all the items in the cave. You should be stocked up enough.)

Go anti-clockwise around the room and exit down the stairs in the northwest.
The next exit is in the southwest. You’ll need to loop all the way round.

Lava Cave

Travel north until you see some stairs leading to a higher ledge.
There’s a locked wooden door here. Password is “PARTY2”.
Inside is 9x [LIFE UP], 9x [POWER UP], 9x [SPEED UP].
Return and up the stairs earlier. Follow the path to more stairs.

Go east/southeast to stairs.

North. Defeat the boss. Enter the portal.

Dimension Rift

Follow the path south. Then north at the [LIFE UP] until a fork.
Go right until the next screen.

Make your way east. Along the way you can find three chests with useless items.
Past the chests is the approach to the final battle.

You are given a choice. You must “join” for the final achievement.

I beat this fight at level 10/10/16 and Jefery dead.
– Ralph just attacks.
– Bennett enhances his weapon then attacks.
– Mila spams Nuclear.
You’ll need some luck to win since confusion is a pain to deal with.

After the battle and credits:
The End

  • It’s been one hell of a journey, friend.

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