Find someone else: All Endings Guide

There are 5 endings you can get, most are about getting closer relationship to one of girls:
1) Lina,
2) Klara,
3) Inger,
4) Emeli,
5) or just staying alone…

a) Most choices do not matter (the frequent ones that are in dialogues with one person). It just slightly alters reaction of person.

b) I hope choices I wrote are only key ones. I’ll try to test it while playing through whole game blindly first (if that is even possible after writing guide).

In case you didn’t read in game store:
Kottis is your inner voice that wants you to feel bad about your choices -> self-doubt mechanism.

(Day 5)
Map choice on midday: Visit Lina (Hospital)(red icon)

(Day 6)
Do not choose “Neither can I… anymore.”:

Choose “Yes.” (Agree to stay with Lina)

(Day 3)
(Follow these steps or pass examination on Day 4)
On map choice – choose blue icon (with Klara)
(Optionally) “I think we can tackle this… thing, together.”
(Optionally) “I could entertain the little rascal, so you can prepare.”

(Day 4)
“Follow Inger.”
Get invited to party, for this you might need to:
a) Be with Klara on Day 3…
b) Pass examination (get at least 3 correct choices)
Examination – correct answers:

  • “Begin the presentation yourself.”
  • “Let Klara handle the Powerpoint.”
  • “Finish the presenation yourself.”
  • “Let Klara handle the Examiner’s questions.”
  • “Handle questions about references yourself.”

(Day 5)
Map choice on midday – pick blue icon (Klara).

(Day 6)
Do not choose these options:
“This… this was a mistake.”
“I can’t deal with this.”
“Do you want me to go?”
“You’re right. This was a huge mistake…”
(Instead best choice is: “Look. It was something… wasn’t it? It was for me anyway.”)

(Day 4)
Choose Green icon on the map.

(Optional) “Well. It all began when I was born…”
(Optional) “Totally.” (It’s about “capture the day in one way”)
(Optional) “Listen to music. Loudly.” or “Talk to a green hedgehog.”

Choose “Follow Inger.”

(Optional) Best choice: “Well. I’ve heard that I’m a good listener, if you’re interested.”
(Optional) Do not choose “It’s just medicine.”
(Optional) Choose “You don’t have to.” (instead of “Please?”)
(Optional) Pick “It wasn’t your fault.”, but do NOT pick “What… happened?”.

(Day 5)
(Optional) If possible, choose “You’ve changed… but not at the core.”

(Day 6)
Do not choose: “Yeah. Alright.”
(Best choice instead: “You don’t suck.”)

Choose: “Are you okay?” (Do not choose: “I can’t… deal with this.”)
(Optional) “Here. Hold my hand. Focus.”

Do not choose: “Yeah. You should probably leave.”
(Best choice instead: “It’s up to you.”)

(Day 4)
While with Kottis choose:
“Don’t worry. I have several backup plans for my life.”

(Day 5)
If with Lina, then do NOT choose any of these:
“You look… amazing.”
“Of course I do.”
“Sure. Sounds like fun.”
But you are most welcome to choose: “I’m sorry. I have some other plans.”:

If with Inger, then choose:
“That’s a very… graphic description.”

If with Klara, then choose:
“How bad can it be if they got booze?”

Map choice at Midday. Choose purple icon (Emeli)

(Day 6)
“Neither, I guess. I just want to talk.”

Do not engage any romances…

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