First Snow: 100% Achievements Guide (R18 Patch Unlock)

A guide to getting every achievement and unlocking the NSFW version of the game.


Story Achievements

You get these (Except Special Guests) by just playing through the game

Art Matters

Begin Act 1

Falling Snow

Begin Act 2

A World Apart

Begin Act 3

First Snow

Finish the story for the first time

Special Guests

Browse the Guest Art Gallery in the Main Menu

Hidden Achievements

You get these automatically during the story as well

The NEW Art Club!

You get this one after Caprice reveals to you she’s starting an Art Club

A Rivalry in the Making

This one is awarded after you meet the leader of the campus’ writing club, Millie

High Speed

You’ll get this one after going on a road trip with Rose

Was Wondering Where You Were!

Awarded when you meet Caprice’s and Millie’s roommate during a scene that plays after credits

NSFW Achievement

Freedom of Choice

You get this achievement by turning off the Adult content option (Adult content is automatically turned on after installing the 18+ patch)

Unlocking NSFW

To unlock the full version of this game you need to head to and click the 18+ patch link.

When you’re asked if you are an adult click Yes, I am an adult!

On the next page click the r18+ patch button and a file called dlc_h.rpa will download

After the file downloads open your Steam library and right-click First Snow, then select Browse local files

The game’s folder will open and you’ll need to drop the dlc_h.rpa file in the folder called game

After that your game should be running with the NSFW patch. Easiest way to see if everything is working correctly is to check if a + symbol has appeared next to the logo in the Main menu.

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