Fishing North Atlantic: How to Gut Scallops (5-Star Guide)

Description of how to get 5 star gutting on Scallops.


Gutting Scallops

I could not find any detailed information anywhere on how to gut Scallops. I finally cracked it so thought I would share with the community.

The gutting process happens in 3 parts. The first of which is the only part that decides your star-rating.

Part 1 – The cut

You will have noticed the knife moving around the bottom of the scallop. This is part of the mini-game. You have to click with you mouse just as the knife reaches the bottom centre of the scallop. I do not think it makes any difference where you click, I always clicked on the Scallop.
You do not need to move you mouse cursor for this part.

The image below shows where the knife should be when you click.

As soon as you click, you will see your star rating, dependant on how close you were to the centre.

Part 2 – The slice

After cutting into the Scallop and receiving your star-rating, a blue arrow appears. Click at the bottom of the arrow and trace your mouse cursor through the centre to the end of the arrow. Keep a constant speed, not too fast. When you do this correctly, the Scallop will open. You have as many attempts at this as you like, with very little practice you can do it first time every time.

Part 3 – The gut

The final part is simply clicking the inside of the Scallop several times.
First click removes the gut. Second removes the meat part. Third disposes of the shell

Thanks to TeamKillKenny for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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