Five Dates: Achievement Guide

Here is a simple and helpful achievement guide.


All set up – just complete your profile.

Digital Casanova – choose a partner to date with.

Hold my Beer – choose to drink a beer before the first dates.

Crash and Burn – you need to fail in all 3 first dates, here’s some tips for it: Choose Paige > Influencing isn’t a job > Persist; Choose Saffron > None > Too lazy > Meat-eater > I eat what I want > No; Choose Grace > Yes > I don’t share food > It’s gross > Recently single > Still talk > Not really > Chill out.

Booty Call – on 2nd date you must choose “dare” in first place, and them do the dance.

Smooth Criminal – on 2nd date, you should choose another round of truth or dare (after the four ones) and choose truth, after this you must hit “rob a bank” option.

Nueva Beginnings – just have a nice 3rd date with Maya.

Planting the Seed – on first date you must choose book option when you’re talking about her place, then pick poem choice.

Not Alone – on 2nd date Saffron will have a panic attack, you must stay with her and not to call help.

Only Thyme Will Tell – just have a successful 3rd date with Saffron.

We Go Again – just have a succesful 3rd date with Paige. Tip: you should care about kids and babies questions.

Interrogation – on 3rd date ask her > With who? > Are you talking to other guys? > You matched my friend.

In Contempt of Duvet – have a successful 3rd date with Grace, be passionate, loyal and honest.

Sore Loser – on 2nd date you’ll play a question game, so chose this option: Halloween > Conservative > Spiders > Chocolate > Cowgirl > Day.

Light Sleepers – Have a great 3rd date with Shaina.

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