Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: Daycare Guide (Sunrise & Moondrop)

All secret glitches and bugs in the daycare! Play with unlimited time with sundrop or moondrop without the fear of being caught, or just escape the daycare without needing to activate the generators!


The Daycare!

Ho ho ho! Welcome to the daycare!

Welcome to my guide of the daycare in five night’s at freddy’s security breach. This guide will cover secrets and tricks to have some fun in one of the best locations of the game! And don’t forget the best character and the great music! You won’t become bored here very fast! What you can expect in this guide is secret paths, tricks and funny things you can do!

Area of denial – Safe zones

First let’s determine where Moondrop and Sunrise cannot get you. These areas are:
-Where you get the security badge…
-And the circled area in the image above. (Basically you are safe beyond the wall and some parts of the tunnels at the sides).

Note that Sunrise cannot enter playstructures but Moondrop can!

Preventing Sunrise or Moondrop from getting you

There is a way to get both Sunrise and Moondrop to stop chasing you. It’s rather simple and easy to do so.

1. Go to the tower in the far right of the daycare (marked 2 in image above). It will have a secret gift there.
2. Jump ontop of the gift and then onto the brown wall.
3. Drop down onto the brown wall below the tower and keep walking along the walls. Jump to the wall that comes after (remember to sprint).
4. Jump down onto the ground like normal and Sunrise should enter in a state where it keeps holding its head or Moondrop will just ignore you.
5. Now Sunrise or Moondrop won’t chase you!

Note that you can also to the same with the other tower (1 in image above) without a gift because the wall is shorter.

If done correctly, Sunrise will completely stop moving. You can now walk around without being chased. Moondrop is different however as Moondrop will still walk around and fly through the air but it won’t target you anymore until you exit the playstructures! (probably)

IMPORTANT: Note that Moondrop will still kill you if you get too close. Also note that IF YOU ENTER INSIDE A PLAYSTRUCTURE AND THEN EXIT or if you knock over to “distract” it will also be reset practically 100% of the time.

Climbing ontop of the playstructures

You can climb ontop of the playstructures. The key is to utulize the blue slides.

1. Jump onto the white clouds besides the blue slides.
2. Jump ontop of the blue slide and walk up along it.
3. When you reach the top, you will have to jump several times and perhaps walk back and forth. It’s tricky but if you spam jump and walk forward you will eventually be able to make it onto the top of the structures! Congrats!


Tip: I tried to jump ontop of Sunrise but you can’t ride him 🙁

Also he got stuck once when I tried to do this lol.

Escape the daycare without activating generators

You can actually escape the daycare without need to activate the generators (though you will be unable to proceed the game as you need Freddy unfortunately).

I tried going back the way you slide down by walking up the slide but I couldn’t make my way up all the way so I don’t think it’s possible this way. But I’d be happy if you tried – if you succeed send me some tips and I can add your effort to the guide!


This is how you escape the daycare:

1. Get ontop of the playstructure closest to the slide you came in from. See sections above on how to do this.
2. Find the hole in the wall of net.
3. Jump out.

Congratulations you have now escaped the daycare! Note that you will die by Moondrop though since you cannot go to the recharge station.

Getting close and personal

Sometimes I managed to get Sunrise to completely ignore me when I did the glitch to make them stop chasing me. So I got this funny picture.

Other fun things to do in the daycare:

Honk Freddy’s nose!
Climb the playstructures and drop down ontop of the Freddy plush and boop its nose! (It doesn’t make sound unfortunately).

Play tag with Sunrise!
You can mess around by going inside the area of denial and the playstructures to make Sunrise try to catch you! See how close you can get without being caught!

Explore and parkour!
There are many places and a nice view you can get from the playstructures, you should try it out! See what you can find or challenge yourself with places you can reach!

Get all the gifts!
You can get all the gifts in the daycare without having to fear for being chased. You could potentially scout the gifts outside the daycare too since you have unlimited time until you walk up the stairs and the countdown starts for the hourly recharge time – remember you cannot procceed if you exit the daycare without activating the generators!

Thanks to ♥ Slombeeper ♥ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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