Florence: 100% Achievement Guide

Florence is a unique independent game created by the Australian studio Mountains and published by Annapurna Interactive. 12 achievements to earn. Let print screens serve as additional tips.

Note: This guide is translated to English, if you have any problem. you can leave your comment at the end of this guide.


The achievements in the guide are sorted in chronological order. They are very easy to get and just as easy to miss. I hope you enjoy using my tips!

PS Achievements pop up only after completing the chapter, not just after completing the action to unlock the achievement.

Receipts in the network

Florence goes to work and browses the feed on social media. Achievement can be obtained by clicking the heart under each photo displayed on the phone.

Accounting error

In this scene, you only need to combine the different numbers into pairs 3 times (e.g., 2 and 171). Such attempts will automatically be considered an error.

Not now

Here you have to reject the call from mom 5 times. Don’t worry, she’ll try to dial twice as much.


In the “Memories” chapter, Florence adorns the ship with a butterfly. To get this achievement, just click 5 times on the color palette located on the right side of the screen. It then changes the color of cutouts.


One after the other three simple equations will appear on the screen. It is enough to choose one incorrect number each time (once we choose the wrong number, and the second time a good number, repeat three times).


Fast cleaning

In the “Inspiration” chapter, Krish wants to clean his room before visiting Florence. You have to click on scattered objects and bring the room to order visible below. Cleaning must take a maximum of 15 seconds.



During the quarrel both sides are lost, but this time Florence must lose even more. In the scene shown in the attached picture, Krish’s arguments must literally “crush” the girl with his weight. Just don’t put the puzzle on the side of the heroine and wait for Krish to unload his anger.

What is necessary

There must be two jars with a yellow label and a red cap on the kitchen shelf. One belongs to Florence and the other to moving Krisha.


Family picture

In the next (after the kitchen and bathroom) shot you need to place the remaining Krish items. All objects on the shelves can be arranged in any way, but you can not forget to put a photo of a family boy on the shelf.


When exchanging messages with her boyfriend, Florence must only tap hearts in the text box. Repeat three times to get the achievement.



In the “Let go” chapter do not press any key or mouse button (this will make Florence stop in place). You also have to wait until the memory of Krishu completely disappears.



The achievement unlocks just after the last game scene.
What a delicious and painfully real adventure!

By Narwana

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