Florensia: How to Fix Game Not Launching

How to fix Florensia not launching through Steam



Some people, including myself, had some trouble getting Florensia to run through Steam. I pressed “Play”, then Florensia status changed to “Running” for a brief moment, then all of a sudden it returned to is default state, as if I never ran it in the first place. This repeated forever. I restarted the computer and nothing changed. Reinstalled the game and nothing changed. Verified game files and nothing changed. Download and reinstalled Visual Redistributables and nothing changed.

I tried running the “FlorensiaEN” executable and received a message telling me I was missing two dll files, even after I installed all Redistributables between 2010 and 2020. This is how I solved this problem and got Florensia to run through Steam normally.

How to Fix Game Not Launching

1. Go to Florensia official website.
2. Download Florensia official client.
3. Install Florensia to your computer.
4. Launch Florensia through the official client.
5. Close the launcher.
6. Download and install Florensia through Steam.
Have fun!

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Post Author: Robins Chew