Flower – How to Get 100% Achievements

Here is a short guide on how to get 100% achievements in Flower. Hope you have a good game.


Easy Achievements

Discovery – Find and bloom a secret flower.

Secret Flowers are the pale green ones that are hidden away on the different maps. Each map contains three of them, and you will see a pedal at the bottom of the flower in the stage selection screen for each one you already discovered. Some of them are just behind rocks or inside buildings, while others have to be unlocked by blooming other flowers.

Beginning – The dream has just started…

You have to find all three secret flowers within one level, which is quite easy to achieve, especially in the earlier levels.

Palette – Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors.

At the end of stage 2 you will find a vast area with different rocks. When all the flowers around those rocks have been touched, the rocks open up and release colored airstreams. Just fly through them and you will be able to paint the grass in that color. Repeat this with at least three different colors and the achievement will pop.

Illumination – Light a darkened pool.

In stage 4 there are two segments where your flower will start to glow. During those segments you will just have to touch one of the two ponds to make it light up.

Healthy Play – Take a ten minute break between any dreams.

This can be earned by spending 10 minutes in the stage selection screen after finishing a stage.

Memories – Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room.

For this you have to simply stop playing while on any stage. A slideshow will start, which depicts various images of the stage you are on, and after three minutes the Achievement will unlock.

Welcome Back – Play the game after a week long break.

This can be solved by either waiting for a week inbetween playing or by simply exiting the game, changing the date on your system clock to a date more than one week in the future and start Flower again. After the Achievement has been awarded you can reset your system clock again.


Hard(er) Achievements

flOw – Life could be simple…

When you enter the canyons in stage three (shortly after activating all the windmills in the beginning) you have to first stay left until it branches off. Follow that new path into the cave and stay right to unlock the Achievement.

Wind – Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times.

When you activate the Windmills in Stage 3 you can simply fly upwards and allow yourself to ride the current they generate.

Urban – Completely awaken the city.

You need to paint every building and grass in all the areas until there are no colorless areas anywhere. Things to look out for are the playground items like the slides and the swing set (just fly through them to paint them), all ventilators and all branches of the motorway and to be careful to paint the entire ground. If you pay attention it should not be very hard to unlock, altough one part of the motorway is a bit hidden – you have to turn around once you get to the long tunnel with the spikes, the motorway should be right in front of you, partially hidden behind a building.

Pure – Journey to the city unscathed.

This is all about completing level 5 without getting zapped even once, where I consider the end part to be the hardest challenge. Staying left and up helped me a lot, but I’d seriously suggest looking for one of the YouTube Tutorials, they are very good.

Nature – Bloom 10,000 flowers.

Whenever you complete a level, the amount of flowers you bloomed will be added to this total. Just replay the levels until it pops, and while the later levels have more flowers than the early ones they take longer to complete. Just play the ones you enjoy the most, it will get a bit tedious otherwise.

Stars – Release all of the names to the sky.

After completing the final level a painting will appear on the windowsill where you can enter the credtis. Each flower you touch here will release a name, so you have to touch all of them and not miss a single one to fulfull the requirements for this achievement. It is not that hard to do though, you just have to be careful and observant.

Dream – Beyond all flowers lies another room.

The hardest achievement in my opinion, which requires you to collect all the secret flowers in all the levels. If someone feels like doing a full location guide that would be great, but I won’t do that – first of all because I didn’t note it down, but most importantly since they are not that secret and can be found while exploring and playing around with the environment, which I think is all this game is about. Also there are some YouTube-Guides for this where you can actually see the spot, which helps a lot more than a written description of “The stone on the left, not that one, the other one!”.


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