Forgotten Hill Tales: All Achievements Guide

Not a walkthrough, just a simple description how to get achievements.



It’s important to finish all tales, before you go to “other” achievements. It’s also worth notice that you have to play Grandma’s Delicious Cakes twice to get both endings.

Little Cabin In The Woods

  • On Fire
    Light the fire
  • Sawbones
    Find the perfect broth bone
  • Маркированный списокDegenerate Grandson
    Behave like a bad Grandson
    Use the knife on Grandpa after getting it.
  • In the wall
    What’s in the wall?
  • Masterchef
    Cook a perfect soup
  • Finally Out
    Finally leave the cabin

Portrait Of Obsession

  • Маркированный списокIt can’t rain all the time
    Find a way to stop the rain
  • Will-o’-the-wisp
    Get killed by a spirit
    Simply try to take omikuji without catching the spirit first.
  • Маркированный списокTanuki friend
    Win the Connect 4 game

  • Маркированный списокYurei Kiss
    Get killed by a Yurei
    Simply click on yurei before calming her down.
  • Intoxicator
    Get the Geisha drunk
  • A generous gesture
    Make another offer
    Use beans on coin basket in tanuki room.
  • Demonized
    Get killed by an Oni Demon
    Simply click on oni without using beans.
  • It’s mine!
    Steal the painting

Grandma’s Delicious Cakes

  • Sweet tooth
    Eat all the mini-cakes
  • Degenerate guest
    Behave like a bad guest
    Simply use knife on Grandma after getting it.
  • Pico?
    Get killed by a Rattus Piconicus
    Simply click on rat without using knife.
  • Cake Master
    Make all the Cakes
  • Dessert
    You are the dessert
    Do not use the poison in the basement when gathering ingredients.
  • Survivor
    Get out and survive
    Use mango with the poison in the basement when gathering ingredients.

Rise Of Pico

  • Obey
    Satisfy all Lady’s requests
  • Degenerate butler
    Behave like a bad butler
    Use the sickle on Master or Mistress, or both.
  • Always Together
    Now they will always be together
    Simply click on him after giving him the flower.
  • Shaggydog
    Get killed by a monster dog
    Simply click on dog without calming it down.
  • Restless spirit
    Get killed by a ghost
    You must pick and use the shovel without putting yellow flower on the grave. If you used the flower already, you have to reset the tale.
  • Rattus Piconicus!
    Get killed by a Pico
    Simply click on Pico without using any items.
  • Caught!
    Capture Pico
    Story related.

Left Behind

  • Heavy-heartedly
    Weigh your heart
  • Beetlebuster
    Catch all scarabs
  • Loser
    Lose the chess game
    Simply let all your pieces to be eaten.
  • Winner
    Win the chess game
  • Mummy
    Put the mummy back together
  • Degenerate prisoner
    Behave like a bad prisoner
    Use the sword on Sebak after getting it.
  • Finally free
    Escape the Museum

Other achievements

  • All Tales
    Complete all Tales
  • Brainiac
    Complete all Tales without using hints
    Never touch hint button at all.
  • Cable man
    Find a new TV program
    After finishing all tales, go back into the Little Cabin and look on the wall with the knifed eye. Next, go to Grandma’s and use the clue on tv.
  • Play of shadows
    Make new shadows appear
    Using clue from the tv, go to the second to last room in Portrait, and enter the new combination.
  • Play it again
    Find a new Carillon melody
    Using clue from the shadow theater, go to the carillon room in Left Behind, and enter new combination.
  • Mad scientist
    Play with laboratory machines
    Using clue from the stone slab, go to Rise of Pico, to the room where you sawed off the white skull, and enter combination.
  • Secret Room
    Find a secret play room
    Using clue from the notes, go back to Little Cabin again, to the room next to kitchen, and enter new combination.
  • Highscore
    Make 500 points in the videogame
    Just use WASD, it’s easier than it looks.

Thanks to Havearrow for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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