Fortnite Update Version 1.86 For PS4 [Patch Notes v6.10.1] PC, Xbox One, And Switch

Fortnite has received a new update to version 1.86 on PS4. The patch is officially deployed as version 6.10.1 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Here’s what is fixed in it.


  • Added fixes for the tournament issues.
  • Added fixes for Android crashes with Fortnite 1.86.
  • Fortnite update 1.86 added fixes for glitches.
  • Fixed some frame drop, stuttering and lag issues.
  • Fortnite update 1.86 has added performance and stability improvements.
  • Added various under the hood fixes.


And here is what Epic had to say regarding this new update.

A patch is currently being deployed on all platforms (except iOS) to fix tournament issues and some Android crashes. No downtime, but you will need to download the update!


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Post Author: Robins Chew