Forza Horizon 4: Best Car Sounds 2021

After a long time, I decided to write a new guide, this time about the sounds of cars in Forza Horizon 4.


Disclaimer: This is not a top, this is just a list. This is created by edge, if you have different opinion, you ca leave your comment and let me know.
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
The loud roar of the supercharged V8 sounds very nice, and the 4 tailpipes looks sick.

Toyota Supra MK4 / MK3
Legendary “stututututu”. That’s all to say.

Mercedes-benz E63S AMG / AMG GT 4 Door
The roar of the amg exhaust is simply gorgeous.

Ferrari 488 Pista / 458 GTB
Very interesting and cool sound of the turbocharged V8.

Dodge challanger demon / srt / hellcat
When the car accelerates, a very cool sound is heard, which cannot be confused with others.

Bugatti chiron / divo / veyron
This sound W16 is not to be confused with anything, its gorgeous.

Nissan GTR / GTR PO
Legendary GTR with its own gorgeous sound.

Lexus LFA
This sound is the only one, Lexus LFA has such a sound that cannot be confused with anything.

Lamborghini Urus
The sound of this lambo is very cool. But he, unfortunately, does not surprise with anything.

Toyota 2000GT
Strange car, but with cool sound

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Nice SRT sound.

Thanks to edge for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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