Forza Horizon 4: How to Unlock the 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex

Here’s an easy way for you Toyota / Initial D fans, to unlock this car and start blasting eurobeat in Forza Horizon 4.


First – Qualify for Horizon Roster.

To get the chance to unlock the car, firstly you need to complete the “tutorial” of the game and gain access to Horizon Festivals. You will be able to do Horizon Festival Playlists after you gain enough Influence Points to get onto the Horizon Roster. (First goal is to qualify for autumn, then winter, then spring and after that its Horizon Roster).

Here’s an example of where to find the Playlist.

Second – Get yourself a 700 rating Toyota Supra RZ

After gaining the access to Festival Playlist you’ve basically halfway. You’ll need 250,000 to buy the Toyota Supra RZ, because in order to unlock the Trueno you’ll need to win a championship with Supra, but keep in mind that the championship has a limit on car performance rating of 700.

Third – Time Travel and Win

As of now, I only know of one way to get the car and its to set your system to 7th February of 2020, because its the most recent Festival Playlist rewarding Trueno for one championship.

So lets get this step by step:
– Set your Operating System date/time to 7th Feb 2020
– Unplug your internet cord or just disable your connection
– Reboot
– Start Steam in offline mode to launch Forza Horizon 4
– Select the Festival Playlist and look for “Is that a Supra?” event
– Complete 3 races, placing 1st overall (Because its a championship it has the points system, so you don’t really need to win all 3 but its preferable)

The event in the Playlist. (Click on img to scale)

The event in the World. (Click on img to scale)

Lastly – I’ll just list Trueno’s stock stats and Skill Point Progression

Skill Point Tree:
Hachi-Roku (cost 1) – Get 1000 Car Collection Influence Points.

Convoy Favorite (cost 1) – Earn 10% more Influence Points from Skills while in a Convoy (Party with other people).

[Eurobeat Intensifies] (cost 1) – Car builds Skill Multiplier much faster when a Skill Sont is played.

Pass Master (cost 3) – Pass Skill scores increased by 20%.

Meme Machine (cost 3) – Lucky Escape Skill scores increased by 10%.

Step on the Gas (cost 3) – Get 50% extra Credits from Head-to-Head Races.

Bring home the tofu (cost 5) – Earn 25% extra Influence from Skills in Freeroam.

Multi-Track Drifting (cost 5) – Drift and E-Drift Skill scores increased by 30%.

Dori-Kin (cost 10) – Drift Tap Skill scores increased by 500%.

Kansei Dorifuto (cost 10) – Sideswipe Skill scores increased by 30%.

Nani?! (cost 10) – Near Miss Skill scores increased by 40%.

Deja Vu (cost 25) – Skill Chain takes two collisions to break.

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