FRAG: Pro Shooter – Walkthrough and Tips

FRAG: Pro Shooter is a team-based multiplayer battler with more than a few interesting twists up its variety of different sleeves. Although there are plenty of good blasters on the App Store. FRAG must be one of the best competitive shooting games out there. This game is awesome with the ever increasing roster of whacky and good characters, superb gameplay and quirky art style.


How to Unlock All Characters ?

Here is a list of the important stats: HP, damage output, and the character type they’ve strong against. You can learn from the image below.


Open Arena Chests

This is the main way of getting new heroes and resources in the game. Arena Chests are awarded each time you win a duel and they vary in rarity (the rarer / longer time they need to open, the better the rewards).

Check out the Store

The store is where you have multiple options for getting more cards for your characters and even unlock new ones.

Complete Missions

This is also the place where you can get your daily gift from, as well as free chests every 4 hours. So definitely keep an eye on the missions tab as there are a ton of great freebies to be earned here.

Join a Club

Although joining a club won’t give you the chance to earn new cards or new heroes, it’s still a great place for getting new cards to upgrade existing ones.


How to Overpower Your Enemies?

To win the game is not always that easy. You need to understand your team of characters. Because each character, in the game has a different style of shooting and ability. You need to know how to use them effectively.


How to Level Up Your Team?

You can’t level up your team by simply winning matches in the game. so how to level up your team and build a strong team. Character cards will be the most important thing you collect in FRAG team leveling, and you’ll need lots of them to level up both yourself and your characters. You can unlock more characters as you opens chests, which you will get from winning battles.


FRAG Pro Shooter – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS, Android)

FRAG Pro Shooter – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (iOS, Android)


FRAG: Pro Shooter – Tips to Pro

  1. Stick Close to Your Teammates and Take Down the Enemy Team’s Bullseye Targets
  2. Build up Three Varied Battle Decks
  3. Be Smart with your Gold and Diamond Related Purchases
  4. Fill Your Arena Chests on the Main Menu
  5. Complete Your Missions and Never Forget to Pick up Your Daily Gift

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