Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator: How to get Stacks of Money

In this guide, I’ll show you how to make your pizzeria the best it can be in the shortest amount of time! This guide is for the Pizzeria Management phase in FFPS. This guide may not have everything, but it offers guidance on how to get loads of cash while also giving small tips on how to keep said money.


Starting Off (Monday)

Congratulations! You’ve just opened your very own Fazbear Entertainment establishment! If you want to have your pizzeria grow faster than a caterpillar, listen close to this guide.

First, you want to buy a small stage, and all the animatronics. Place the animatronics on the stage one by one, and you’ll soon get another hundred dollars! Buy either the Duck Pool or the Ball Pit, your choice. Play those games until you unlock Stan’s Budget Tech. Buy Midnight Motorist and play until you run out of tokens. You can either go to the next day, or buy and/or upgrade the things you have. You’re establishment should look like this by the end of the day with nothing added.
Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.

(Keep in mind that you can either salvage the animatronics for extra revenue or sponsor other companies for ad revenue.)


Congrats on making a substantially large amount of money on the opening day! There’s still more work to do now, but you have a little more freedom.

If you don’t have access to the Smiles and Servos module yet, buy more items or play your arcade games until you have unlocked it. Once unlocked, buy the Riding Rockets. They can get you the most consistent Faz-Points while also just being a fun minigame to play.
Everything from here on out is up to you, so have fun and do what’s best for your business!

Tips, Tricks, and Things to Keep in Mind

Everything you do from here is optional, so here are some helpful little tidbits of knowledge that any prospering franchisee should always keep in mind.

Keep in mind that you can either salvage the animatronics for extra revenue or sponsor other companies for ad revenue. If you do decide to salvage the animatronics, remember that you need to upgrade your terminal abilities, which cost money.

Check on your statuses for Health and Safety, Atmosphere, Revenue, Entertainment, and Risk. Letting one of these factors go along less than ideally could result in minimal money making, or, in the case of Risk, a lawsuit.

Faz-Points might confuse you, so I’ll explain them quickly here. Faz-Points are how this guide is even able to exist. Every time you get 1000 Faz-Points, you’ll earn a $100. There are different ways to gain Faz-Points, which are by playing minigames or buying and placing items. You know you’ve done a good job if you end your game with a high amount of Faz-Points.

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