FreshWomen Season 1: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough with 100% achievement guide for the FreshWomen – Season 1 game.


Walkthrough: Part I

  • Start a new game and input any name / use default.
  • Nah, this is fine

Landlady Meet Lily
  • Ask about her husband
  • Call her Lily
  • Wait and talk to the girl

Scarred Memories Remember your past trauma
  • Fair game

Dance Dance Supreme Meet Julia
  • Get the book
  • Of course
  • Fiction
  • Sure
  • Okay

Dictionary Girl Meet Chloe
  • See what?
  • Americano it is, then
  • Sorry for ruining your moment
  • Comment on her great shape
  • Deal

Affogato Meet Alyssa
  • Say hi
  • All options from top to bottom

BusinessWoman Meet Susan
  • She is fun
  • She is smart
  • She is nice
  • She is interesting
  • She is mysterious
  • Look closer
  • Peek

Peek Don’t close Emily’s door

Towel Meet Emily
  • Joke

Hot Bath Dream about Lily (Ep 1)
  • Tea sounds nice

Sleep Well Love Emily (Ep 1)
  • Accept
  • Yes, I’m here to see the club
  • Not even you?
  • Do it
  • Hey, boss
  • What am I delivering?
  • Take the jeans off

Package Delivered Love Mae (Ep 1)
  • Wave
  • Take shirt off
  • Check Alyssa out
  • Who is it?
  • Ignore it

ᴅɪᴘꜱʜɪᴛ Hear Sue’s voice
  • No, you didn’t wake me up
  • Thanks
  • Tell her about the magazine
  • DOUBLE DOOR → DOOR → PIANO → Pick up magazine
  • BACK → LEFT → Pick up magazine under bed → Pick up keys from nightstand
  • DOOR TO OUTSIDE → Pick up magazine on couch
  • BACK x2 → RIGHT → Pick up magazine from leftmost stool
  • DOWN x2 → LEFT → LEFTMOST DOOR → Pick up magazine behind sink → Inspect mask next to sink

Susan’s Secret Find Susan’s mask
  • BACK → RIGHT DOOR → Pick up magazine from box
  • DOWN x2 → RIGHT → DOOR → Pick up magazine from corner
  • Interact with red suitcase → Yes, end free roam
  • Check her out a little
  • Yes, I’ll keep an eye
  • Sure
  • Everything all right?
  • Yes, thanks
  • Check her out for a moment
  • Drink Wine

Broken Sink Break the Sink
  • Any option

Sink Fixed Love Lily (Ep 1)
  • Any option
  • Compliment her
  • Joke
  • Tell her

Rise and Shine Answer Chloe’s call (Ep 2)

Hangover Drink too much
  • Join them

Stretch Stretch with Alyssa
  • Lean in for a kiss

Second Date Kiss Alyssa
  • Possible relationship
  • Save 1
  • Exploit the glitch in the controller
  • Don’t use it a second time
  • Look

Winner Beat Julia in the game (Ep2)
  • Kiss her
  • Ask her to stay

Movie Night Kiss Julia
  • Hug her
  • I want to see where this goes
  • How about you in my hand?

You can see Love Sue (Ep 2)

Charlie Learn more about Charlie

As she planned Get rescued by Susan
  • Tell her the truth
  • Defend Dylan
  • Resist some more.

Hell Girls Love Hell Girls (Ep 3)
  • Hold on a little longer.
  • Stay

Miss South America Complete Devilla’s trial
  • Accept
  • Tell the truth

Dream Cafe Dream about Chloe and Alyssa
  • Agree to help
  • Hugh her tighter
  • Good idea
  • I hope so.

Alcoholic Bear Survive the bear attack
  • Open the lid

College Days Spy on Susan and Lily
  • Keep going
  • Remove clothes

Drone Owner Love Chloe (Ep 3)
  • I don’t think so
  • Shake his hand
  • You’re the ꜱʜɪᴛᴛʏ one

Worst Lunch Ever Face Sam (Ep 4)
  • Yes but…
  • Kiss julia

Dessert Lunch with Julia (Ep 4)
  • Agree with Emily
  • Continue
  • Any option
  • ᴄᴜᴍ

Crazy Heart Love Emily (Ep 4)

Two Keys Receive two mysterious keys

Hell and Back Have a bad dream
  • Tell the truth
  • I was spying on you
  • No, I did it myself

My Father Learn about your father’s fate
  • Drive
  • Ask to stay at her house
  • Yeah

Sue’s Invitation Receive Sue’s invitation

Walkthrough: Part II

  • Get up, Sue
  • Any option
  • Slap her ass
  • ᴄᴜᴍ

Wild Ride Love Sue (Ep 4)
  • Try the key

Alyssa’s Invitation Receive Alyssa’s invitation
  • I want style

Chloe’s Invitation Receive Chloe’s invitation

Julia’s Invitation Receive Julias’s invitation

Dance Dance with Alyssa
  • Take the step
  • Any option → Continue
  • Tease her a little more
  • Any option → Continue
  • ᴄᴜᴍ

Third Date Love Alyssa (Ep 4)
  • Save 2
  • Julia

No home tonight See the rest of the picture
  • Hide under the bed

Fire Exit Escape Julia’s mom
  • World economy
  • Defend Dylan

World Economy Meet Professor
  • Talk to Gabby
  • I’m ready
  • Any option → Continue
  • Any option → Continue
  • Any option

Relaxed Student Love Gabby (Ep 5)
  • Ask Devilla for help
  • Stay
  • Any option
  • I want you
  • Any option → Continue
  • Any option

Repeated Mistakes Love Lily (Ep 5)
  • Miss on purpose
  • We shall
  • Any option

First Time Love Julia (Ep 5)
  • Any options
  • Load Save 2
  • Dylan

Dylan’s Secret See Dylan’s Closet
  • Load Save 1
  • Don’t do anything

Loser Lose to Julia (Ep 2)

Thanks to Achievement Scouts and lylat for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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