Friday the 13th: The Game – How To Gain Xp Fast

Are You Bored Of Not Getting Weapon Swapping After So Many Dragged Out Games This Guide Will Show You How To Get So The Best Way


Offline Bots

The Fastest Way To Level Will Always Be Offline Bots This Allows You To Get Consistently High Amounts Of XP Without Getting Killed Too Fast As A Counselor Or Having Too Many People Escape As Jason The Most XP Possible In Offline Bots Is 1,300 And You Can Get This Almost Every Time Easily I Would Recommend Only Playing Packanack Small And If You Get Bored Higgins Haven Small You Can Kill Every Bot So Fast You Might Not Even Gain Stalk And At Your 90’s You Are Not Gonna See A Difference In How Fast Your Bar Goes Up So Just Don’t Bother With Resourceful Kills Unless You Are Right On Top Of Them And If You Trying To Find That Last Counselor Hiding Always Check The Main House First And Counselors Only Hide In Cupboards Unless There Is No Cupboard In The Cabin

Online Mode

Online Is More Tricky Then Offline Too Me Because The Average XP Is About 800-1100 You Can Get More XP As Jason If You Kill Everyone Including Tommy Jarvis Trap Someone And Cut One Power Box An Additional 250XP Is Granted If No One Escapes And The 500XP Completed Match All Adds Up To 2050XP. The Most As A Counselor Is 2185 XP You Can Get More Online But It Is Less Consistent

Consistent Xp

The Best Counselor To Grind Xp Is Kenny As His Abillity To Not Be Terrible At Anything Can Help Gain The Xp Scores That Every Other Counselor Will Struggle At As A Counselor Avoid The Car Unless You Are A Passenger As Trolls May Run Infront Of The Car On Purpose To Ruin Most Of Your XP Score Focus On Calling The Police Or Calling Tommy And Killing Jason As These Are The Most Rewarding Methods Of Escape Using Perks Such As My Dads A Cop Or Slugger Can Help As Jason Part 3 Is The Perfect Decision For Xp Grinding Thanks To Grip Strength For Easier Resourceful Scores And Having 5 Traps To Get Your Trapper Score More Easily His Weapon Strength Can Also Help Against Killers

Worst To Best Escape Methods For XP

Worst: Car
The Car Is The Absolute Worst For XP Grinders It Is The Only Escape Were Trolls Can Ruin Your XP By Running Infront Of It Or Let Jason Kill You Easily Avoid The Car Unless You Are The Final Girl Or Final Guy

Not Recommended: Waiting Out The Timer
Waiting Out The Timer Is Better Then The Car But It Does Not Give A 200 Or 500 For Using Any Other Method So Don’t Bother Doing This Intentionally If You Are A Girl Or Tommy And There Is A Girl Just Kill Jason Instead

Better: Motor Boat
The Boat Is Better Then The Escape Methods Below It Thanks To There Being No Startup Sound For Jason When The Boat Is Started And For Less Parts Needed Thanks To No Key Requirement

Recommended: Calling The Police

Calling The Police Is Usually The More Easier Options To Escape Thanks To Its 1 Part Requirement The Fuse And It Gives 100 Alone For Fixing The Fuse Box And Calling The Police And It Near Gurantees The 200 For Escaping As You Can Just Escape On Foot And The Time Bonus Is More Easy

The Best: Killing Jason

If You Have A Friend Always Attempt This As It Gives Tremendously More XP Then Just Escaping It Is Also The Easiest Way To Win The Game As A Counselor And It Is Always The Most Rewarding Method It Gives 1000XP Alone Which Is Nice And You Get Even More For Contributing To Attacking Jason


Basically Stick To Offline Mode For More Consistent XP Gain If You Are Wanting Weapon Swapping Or Your Jason That You Desire Or Your Counselor That You Desire But If You Don’t Like Playing As Jason Stick To Online And Play As Kenny For Better XP Gain

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