Friday the 13th: The Game – How To Play Part VIII Jason

This Guide Will Show You The Definitive Way Of Playing Part VIII Jason.


The basic stuff

The Most Important Part About Part VIII Jason Is His Play Style. Part VIII Is Made to be good at stopping all forms of escape because of his water speed +. This Helps You Stop A Boat And On The Jarvis House And Pinehurst Maps also this Is Useful For Getting Around The Map Quickly Without Morph Or Shift, he also suffers no morphs or shift – which makes him the third best at stopping cars.


Water Speed+

Water Speed + Isn’t The Best Strength In The Game But It Can Be Useful On Certain Maps Which Both Have Lots Of Water And A 100% Boat Chance

Destruction Is The Best Strength In The Game Being Able To Break Down Doors And Walls In Half The Hits Really Is That Good It Also Gives Counselors Less Time To Check Drawers And Regenerate Stamina

Stalk+ Is Good Against Counselors Who Don’t Know How Stalk Works But It Can Be Hard Against Experienced Players Who Know When You Use Stalk But It Offers Faster Regeneration Speed Aswell Which Is Nice

Sense Is Part Vlll Biggest Weakness But It Isn’t Even A Minor Deal Because You Can Just Refresh Your Sense To Avoid The Full Cooldown
Can’t Run-
Can’t Run Is Manageable If You Are Good With Shift
Grip Strength-
Grip Strength- Has Very Little Impact It Only Matters Of You Want To Do Resourceful Kills Otherwise It Still Easy To Grab Kill Counselors

Overall Part Vlll Is One Of The Best Jasons In The Game Thanks To His Marginal Weaknesses And Destruction+ And Stalk+
Weapon: Fire Axe
Swing Speed: Fast
Door Swing speed: normal
Hiding spot:normal
Traps: 5
Throwing knives: 2

How to treat him like a god

To treat part VIII like a god you have to do the following steps…

– Use head punch and two handed choke and two other skills of your choice

– DO NOT let a counsellor hit your mask off ( because he looks way cooler with his mask on

– Kill 8/8 people everytime 7 and under is unacceptable!

– Never Call Him Jason Takes A Boat Jason If You Truly Respect Him and are a superfan

– Never speak bad about him you always need to say positive stuff if you’re talking about him

– And Finally Part Vlll Is The Only Jason That Is On The Level Of Savini Jason So Savini Jason Is Not Better Or Worse Then Part Vlll

The final

Lastly Part Vlll Is Unlocked At Level 20 Which Is A Little Lengthy But It Is Worth It As Part Vlll Has All Marginal Weaknesses The Best Strength In The Game And A Decent Strength In Top Of That His Fire Axe Also Has Some Of The Coolest Weapon Kills In The Game We Would Recommend Getting To Level 20 For Part Vlll Cause He Is Just That Cool

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