Future Love Space Machine: Console Commands

General Guide to console commands; how to use them and when they are useful.


Future Love Space Machine Console Commands

Launch / Run Future Love Space Machine
Select: Jackin from the main menu
From the CHOOSE PARTNERS menu; Select: Go

Game loaded with Elise and Dirk by default
Note: any generic or custom characters can be used

Press the tilde key ~ Example below

Console commands line interface drop down menu

At the command line
Type: HELP
Select: Enter
Note: This will show the full list of commands available

Use the mouse wheel or arrow keys to scroll the command line up or down

Two very useful features

First and foremost being able to change the background in-game; to do this:
Type at the command line: BG 4
Select: Enter
Note: This will hide 90% of the Glimmer Deck and display a plain black background

Next press the tilde ~ key to close the console

The game has the same functionality as before so makes it a breeze for screen shots

Next press the tilde ~ key to open the console
Type at the command line: BG 0
Select: Enter
Note: use “Clear” command to unclutter the console

Next press the tilde ~ key to close the console

Second useful command is “Restart”
Restarts the character creator, this is very useful if modding as the character creator can hang when a save.xml contains out of bounds instructions or the save.xml is read/write protected.
Note: Any unsaved progress will be lost, it’s important to make regular saves

Thanks to Law-II for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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