Gamedec: All Color Combinations (Axis Mundi)

A guide to the three color combination in Axis Mundi



Hey guys I wasted a lot of time trying every color combination in Axis Mundi I can think of, so you might as well enjoy my work!

This guide is broken down by colors:
Y – Yellow
G – Green
R – Red
B – Blue

When you die, you get thrown back to the starting point.
The first time you meet the Stranger NPC, you will get a couple of hints, after that the Jester will appear and answer a couple of questions (then refuses)
Seems like the Stranger NPC and the Jester will answer a few more question after you gain new aspects.


YYY – Pedestal (starting point)
YYG – Stranger
YYR – Stranger
YYB – Stranger

YGY – Harvest Time breach
YGG – Stranger
YGR – Big robot (dead)
YGB – Mirror + drone (dead)

YRY – The Archive/Multiple mirrors (Blue Aspect)
YRG – Hole (dead)
YRR – Stranger
YRB – Mirror + drone (dead)

YBY – Stranger
YBG – Mirror + drone (dead)
YBR – Mirror + drone (dead)
YBB – Stranger


GYY – Stranger
GYG – The Expanse/Car (Red Aspect)
GYR – hole (dead)
GYB – Hole (dead)

GGY – Unicorn
GGG – The Mystery Tree (Green Aspect)
GGR – Stranger
GGB – Stranger

GRY – Mirror & drone (dead)
GRG – Three snails racing
GRR – Stranger
GRB – Big robot (dead)

GBY – Hole (dead)
GBG – Stranger
GBR – Big robot (dead)
GBB – Stranger


RRY – Stranger
RRG – Stranger
RRR – Jester domain
RRB – Stranger

RGY – Mirror & drone (dead)
RGG – Stranger
RGR – Twisted & Perverted breach
RGB – Hole (dead)

RYY – Stranger
RYG – Big robot (dead)
RYR – Knights Code breach
RYB – Big robot (dead)

RBY – Big robot (dead)
RBG – Hole (dead)
RBR – Stranger
RBB – Stranger


BYY – Stranger
BYG – Mirror & drone (dead)
BYR – Mirror & drone (dead)
BYB – Stranger

BGY – Hole (dead)
BGG – NPC Repository (Clones)
BGR – Big robot (dead)
BGB – Your office / Bliss

BRY – Big robot (dead)
BRG – Hole (dead)
BRR – Stranger
BRB – Fringe (End point)

BBY – Stranger
BBG – Stranger
BBR – Stranger
BBB – Stranger

Thanks to bleukreuz for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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