Garden Story: How to Find Every Guardian of the Grove

Here is a simple guide describing the location of each guardian statue.


Plum & Concord

Before we begin, a note: I’ve organized this according to location, rather then by timing. While this is mostly in chronological order, there are a few guardians (like Bailan) who’s order I’m unsure of, so I’ve put them by location. If you can’t unlock a guardian, try again at a later point.

Unlocking Plum and Concord is easy. Just advance the story until you unlock their memories.

Blue & Hop

Blue’s grave is to the east of Vista Outpost, in Summer’s End. This is the same area where you’ll unlock the dowsing rod.

Hop’s grave is in Lillyputt. To get to it, you’ll need to use a Repair Box on the bridge. It’s waiting in the town for you to interact with.

Cayenne & Bailan

To unlock Cayenne, you’ll need to use a repair box nearby Concord’s house in the Spring Hamlet.

To unlock Bailan, you’ll need to go to the Treeway. You’ll need to use a weapon (as far as I can tell, any weapon) on a certain section of the foliage around there. It’ll take a little bit of hacking to get in, but eventually you’ll be able to find their grave.

Cane & Allio

Once you make it to Autumn Town, you’ll be given a key to unlock several areas, including the town proper. Cane is right in the center of town.

To unlock Allio, you’ll have to clear the trade route to Spring Hamlet. This involves building a few Repair Boxes. Once you do, Allio’s waiting right there.


Mandy is in Winter Glade, the final settlement you’ll unlock. To find Mandy, first you’ll need to get the Skates from Plum.
Mandy’s grave is to the north of Concord’s house, at Wonder Pond.

Thanks to silverskyfeather for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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