Gauntlet of IRE: All Lines (Baby Come Back)

All lines from baby come back, such as “your best effort will never be better than someone else’s natural talent.”


All lines from “Baby Come Back”, all lines are in full caps in game, but i will be putting them in lowercase.

1: “your best effort will never be better than someone else’s natural talent.”
2: “you’ll probably die the day immortality is developed.”
3: “your greatest fear is that you’ll get what you want and you still won’t be happy.”
4: “you stop trying to force yourself to feel happy bexause it just makes the crash worse when it wears off.”
5: “your entire life span is less than 0.00000001% of all time in existence.”
6: “the feeling of acomplishment from video games is not real, you haven’t done anything.”
7: “how much of your life have you shortened with your disgusting lifestyle?”
8: “that soreness you feel when you wake up is only going to get worse.”
9: “how many living animals and plants died so you could live today?”
10: “more time is the only thing you cannot buy.”
11: “you already met your true soul mate, but they didn’t like you back.”
12: “if you have to force yourself to talk to your friend, you aren’t a real friend.”
13: “what series of grievous mistake led to you playing this game?”
14: “your happiest days are already behind you.”
15: “your parents had such high hopes for you.”
16: “money can’t buy unconditional love, but it can buy a puppy. every 13 years.”
17: “you’ll never get back the youth you spent on this game.”
18: “if you had a second chance, you’d just waste it again.”
19: “you remember that one time you embarrassed yourself? they still do.”
20: “recall that peace when you wake up and don’t remember who you are for a few seconds” – no period, strange.
21: “how do you know you’re actually experiencing this game right now and not just reflecting back on it in an episode of dementia from your nursing home?”
22: “they know you’re pretending to be alright when you’re barely holding it together.”
23: “have you ever cried so hard that you burst the blood vessles in your face and had to carry it like a mark of shame until it healed?”
24: “if feeling happy was all that matter, everyone would be on crack.”
25: “in order for there to be winners, there has to be losers, its your birth right.”
26: “they say you die twice. first when you stop breathing. then when you are forgotten.”
27: “you’re so weak. you don’t even have the courage to finish it.”
28: “people are too polite to tell you they notice your facial flaws.”
29: “you’re just waiting for something worse to tip you over the edge so can finally go through with it.”
30: “dopamine receptors are designed to build tolerance to happiness because its something you should experience, but can never keep.
31: “you have free will. it’s a damn shame you never chose to use it.”
32: “wash your pillow. it reeks of tears.”
33: “you know they’re lying when they say they love you because you lied to them as well.
34: “eventually you’ll run out of things that make you a little happy.”
35: “your birthday isn’t something to be celebrated.”
36: “comedians cracking jokes are like a child gasping for air. no one around can tell they’re drowning.”
37: “you have fatigue that sleep will never cure.”
38: “everyone you know is tired of hearing about your problems.”

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