Genesis Alpha One: Explore The Universe And Save The Last Of Us From Extinction

Genesis: Alpha One is a rogue-like FPS game, every game in Genesis Alpha one starts in a huge, randomized galaxy full of dangerous. In order to survive, you need to explore new planets, expand your own base, and defeat hostile encounters. Genesis: Alpha One is coming in January 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Genesis Alpha One – Reveal Trailer

Survive The Extinction Of Mankind

Our world is polluted by wars, and Genesis program is the last chance to save humanity. As the Captain of a Genesis starship, you’ll have to explore the vast space, farm resources in order to build and maintain an intergalactic ark by combining dozens of upgradable spaceship module with different fonctions.

In Genesis, life is the most value resource, death is permanent and you crew member is limited, make you choices carefully. Of course, when your ship is getting massive, you’ll need more crews, the fastest way is using cloning technology, but there is a new way to make they even more useful: splice with alien DNAs you gathered, give them a chance to become something beyond imagined.

Your biggest threat are aliens, species you’ve never seem before, they are aggressive and deadly. Alien’s infestation spreads rapidly,  contaminating the infested sections and destroy them before it’s too late.

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