Geometry Dash: All Vault Codes (March 2022)

In this guide, you will learn EVERY single vault code in every vault up to (“2.1.12″) update.

Vault of Secrets
Chamber of Time
The Vault

All codes for (Key Master, Dungeon Keeper, The Guard, Spooky/Sparky)
Every single code is here up to 2.1.12 (if your looking at this in update 2.2 or later, sorry. Go play challenge mode or something)


The Vault Codes (Spooky/Sparky/The Guard)

All codes for The vault

How to get to (The Vault)

To get to the vault, you must collect 10 User Coins (silver coins) to enter. Then, you must go to options tab on the bottom of the main screen, click the lock in the top right corner, and you’re there!

All codes

“Lenny” – Unlocks lenny icon
“Blockbite” – Unlocks UFO icon
“Spooky” – Unlocks icon
“Neverending” – Unlocks icon
“Mule” – Unlocks a ship icon
“Ahead ” – Unlocks a wave icon
“Gandalfpotter ” – Unlocks trail
“Robotop” – Unlocks a robot
“Ahead ” – Unlocks wave icon
(Your username) – Unlocks icon
“8 16 30 32 46 84” – Unlocks Illuminati wave

Those are all the codes for (The Vault)

Vault of Secrets Codes ( The Key Master)

All of the codes for the Vault of Secrets

How to get to (Vault of Secrets)

First, you must collect 5 keys ( by collecting them in daily chests or getting 500 earned orbs )
Then, click the top right lock in the online levels tab.

All codes

(player’s star count) – Unlocks icon
“brainpower” – Unlocks icon
“octocube” – Unlocks icon
“seven” – Unlocks icon
“thechickenisonfire” – Unlocks secondary swamp green color
“gimmiethecolor” – Unlocks primaryswamp dark red color
“The Challenge” – Unlocks secret level (requires 200 diamonds to play)

“cod3breaker” – Unlocks icon
you will need to memorize 6 numbers that appear on screen then you will need to do mathematical calculations if the numbers are
“1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11,” the calculations performed would be:

3 − 1 = 2
6 − 3 = 3
7 − 6 = 1
8 − 7 = 1
11 − 8 = 3
The code is “23113”

Those are all the codes for the (Vault of Secrets)

Chamber of Time Codes (The Dungeon Keeper)

All vault codes for the (Chamber of Time)

How to get there:
First, you must have Scratches shop open (200 or so diamonds)
Second, Buy the diamond for 1000 mana orbs in his shop.
Third, Go to the coming soon tab in the levels and click just below coming soon.

All Codes

“silence” – Unlocks icon
“hunger” – Unlocks icon
“darkness” – Unlocks icon
“volcano” – Unlocks icon
“river” – Unlocks secondary dark green color

Those are all of the codes for the (Chamber of Time)

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