Gleaner Heights: All Cooking Recipes

Here are all cooking recipe lists for Gleaner Heights game.


1 Fried Fish Pan Fish, oil
2 Potato Salad Pot Potato, Onion, Egg, Mayonnaise
3 Cake Oven Flour, Butter, Sugar,Egg
4 Collard Greens Pot Collard, Onion, Garlic, Oil
5 Artichoke spread Oven Artichoke, garlic, mayonnaise
5 Beet Glazed Salmon Pan Fish (Salmon), Beet
6 Creamed Chard
7 Kohlrabi with Cheese Oven Kohlrabi, Potato, Tomato, Cheese
8 Apple Crumble Oven Apple,Sugar,Butter,Egg
9 Meat Pie Ovenproof Meat, Flour, Onion, Potato
10 Cabbage Stew Pot Cabbage, Onion, Carrot
11 Leek and Mackerel Gratin Oven Leek, Mackerel, Potato, Cheese
12 Fish Chowder Pot Fish, Potato, Onion, Corn, Carrot
13 Sweet Potato Chowder Pot Sweet Potato, Corn, Onion
14 Potato Mash Blender, Pot Potato, Milk
15 Turnip Salad n/a Turnip, Carrot, Oil
16 Fish and Chips Pan fish, potato, oil
17 Roasted beet Oven beet
18 Boiled broccoli Pot broccoli
19 roasted corn Oven corn
20 boiled potato Pot potato
21 turnip chips Oven turnip, oil
22 bread Oven flour
23 Fried Egg Pan egg, oil
24 fried meat Pan meat, oil
25 grilled meat Oven meat
26 Omelette Pan 3 eggs, oil
27 asparagus omelette Pan egg, asparagus, oil
28 coleslaw n/a carrot, cabbage, mayonnaise
29 green salad n/a chard, lettuce, kale
30 popcorn Pot corn, butter
31 roasted eggplant Oven eggplant
32 fried eggplant Pan eggplant, oil
33 Leek omelette Pan leek, egg
34 roasted okra Oven okra, oil
35 french fries Pan potato, oil
36 squash fries Pan squash, oil
37 Steam artichokes Pot artichoke, garlic, butter
38 bean soup Pot bean, tomato, onion
39 greek salad n/a tomato, cucumber, onion, oil
40 leek and mushroom rice Pan leek, rice, mushroom
41 peanut butter Oven, blender peanut, honey
42 pea salad Pot pea, lettuce, garlic
43 pumpkin and spinach salad n/a pumpkin, spinach, honey, oil
44 pumpkin soup Pot pumpkin, potato,onion
45 grilled radish Oven radish, butter
46 cookies Oven flour, butter, sugar
47 corn chowder Pot corn, onion, butter
48 ratatouille Pan eggplant, zucchini, pepper, tomato, onion
49 kohlrabi stew Pot kohlrabi, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower
50 parsnip & cauliflower soup blender, Pot parsnip, cauliflower, onion
51 radish salad n/a radish, tomato, cucumber, spinach, oil
52 veggie squares Oven radish, broccoli, cauliflower, flour, cheese
53 rhubarb & strawberry pie Oven rhubarb, strawberry, flour, sugar, butter
54 squash salad Oven squash, onion, lettuce, kale, oil
55 zucchini fritters Pan zucchini, egg, cheese, flour, oil
56 spaghetti carbonara Pot spaghetti, cheese, milk, egg, butter
57 baked trout with radish Oven Trout, radish, oil
58 okra stew Pan okra, tomato, onion
59 spring vegetable stew Pot artichoke, pea, carrot, onion
60 pan salmon Pan salmon, turnip, chard
61 spaghetti napolitana Pot spaghetti, tomato
62 Tortilla Oven flour, tomato, bean, cheese
63 Strawberry Jam Pot Strawberry, Sugar
64 Strawberry Juice Blender Strawberry
65 Strawberry Milkshake Blender Strawberry, Milk
66 Kiwi Jam Pot Kiwi, Sugar
67 Parsnip hash browns Pan parsnip, onion, egg, potato
67 Kiwi Juice Blender Kiwi
68 Kiwi Milkshake Blender Kiwi, Milk
69 Pea Soup Pot pea, onion, carrot, butter
69 Raspberry Jam Pot Raspberry, Sugar
70 Raspberry Juice Blender Raspberry
71 Raspberry Milkshake Blender Raspberry, Milk
72 Watermelon Jam Pot Watermelon, Sugar
73 Watermelon Juice Blender Watermelon
74 Watermelon Milkshake Blender Watermelon, Milk
75 Melon Jam Pot Melon, Sugar
76 Melon Juice Blender Melon
77 Melon Milkshake Blender Melon, Milk
78 Cranberry Jam Pot Cranberry, Sugar
79 Cranberry Juice Blender Cranberry
80 Cranberry Milkshake Blender Cranberry, Milk
81 Grape Jam Pot Grape, Sugar
82 Grape Juice Blender Grape
83 Grape Milkshake Blender Grape, Milk
84 Pineapple Jam Pot Pineapple, Sugar
85 Pineapple Juice Blender Pineapple
86 Pineapple Milkshake Blender Pineapple, Milk
87 Tomato Juice Blender Tomato 88 Carrot Juice Blender Carrot
88 Rice stuffed vegetables Oven pepper, tomato, zucchini, rice
89 Mixed fruit Juice Blender Any 3 Fruits
90 Rhubarb scones Oven Rhubarb, flour, sugar, butter
91 Buttered garlic beans Pan Bean, Garlic, Butter
92 Boiled Corn Pot Corn
93 Sweet Potato Fries Pan Sweet Potato, Oil
93 Roasted squash Oven okra, garlic, oil
94 Honey-baked pumpkin risotto Pan, Oven Pumpkin, Honey, Rice, Wine
95 Artichoke spread Oven Artichoke, garlic, mayonnaise
96 Greens and grains scramble Pan Amaranth, Kale, Egg
97 Cabbage soup Pot Cabbage, Mushroom
98 Boiled beet Pot Beet
99 Boiled Egg(S) Pot Egg(S)
100 Boiled Egg(M) Pot Egg(M)
101 Boiled Egg(L) Pot Egg(L)
102 Artichoke broccoli frittata Oven artichoke, broccoli, egg, onion, cheese
103 pepper egg in a hole Pan pepper, egg, oil, cheese
104 pizza Oven flour, tomato, cheese, pepper, onion
105 Pea Soup Pot pea, onion, carrot, butter
106 kohlrabi slaw n/a kohlrabi, cabbage, carrot, onion, mayonna
107 Carrot parsnip souffle Oven carrot, parsnip, flour, milk, egg
108 apple sangria n/a apple, wine, sugar
109 Spinach and Rice Pot spinach, rice, onion, oil
110 Spaghetti bolognese Pot Spaghetti, meat, tomato, carrot
111 pancakes Pan flour, egg, milk, sugar
112 Rice stuffed vegetables Oven pepper, tomato, zucchini, rice
113 Parsnip hash browns Pan parsnip, onion, egg, potato
114 Roasted squash Oven Squash, garlic, oil

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