Gloomwood: How to Enter the Tower (Hard Way & Safe Codes)

Here is a simple guide created by Dr. Leon Sisk on how to enter the tower the hard way or with safe codes.


Enter the Tower the Hard Way

Just stack some barrels and boxes together and put a bag on top for an extra boost and you’ll be able to pull yourself up and find out the hard way what happened up in the tower in case you were curious.


Enter the Tower with the Safe Codes

>>>>Spoiler Alert!!!<<<<<

Safe 1 363, found by turning off the light and looking backwards from the safe. (safe found early on)

Safe 2 415 Password Location: ??? (was bruteforced) (safe found in cave outside factory)


Gloomwood is a new FPS game developed by Dillon Rogers and David Szymanski. it is now available on Steam.

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