Godless Tactics Console Commands (Cheats)

This guide contains the cheats & console commands you can use in Godless Tactics. Handy!


Enabling Cheats

All cheats are entered by pressing Ctrl+¬, (or basically Ctrl and the key to the left of the ‘1’ key in the number row). THIS MUST BE DONE ON THE WORLD MAP.

Before you can start cheating, you need to enter ‘cheats’ into the console that appears, and press enter. A message saying cheats are enabled will appear towards the bottom.

Teleport and Delete
While cheats are enabled, with a party or agent selected, hold ctrl and right click to teleport them to the mouse pointer, or press ctrl+delete to remove them.

Cheats List

Type the cheat into the console and press enter to have the stated effect.

Shows additional info on the UI. Can spy on what AI parties are going to do.

Unlocks the ‘location info’ for all settlements, letting you open the ‘Info’ menu for any of them without having to go near first.

make bank
Gives you 1000 resources.

big bank
Gives you 100,000 resources.

medal magnet
Gives you 100 battle commendations.

Gives you 100 faction reputation.

this is wall street
Removes all the resources at the currently selected settlement.

here they come
Gives the enemy a ‘Big Push’ event.

here we go
Gives you and your allies a ‘Big Push’ event.

Increases the ‘autoresolve safe’ threshold by 1 e.g. from 1* to 2*.

Decreases autoresolve safe threshold by 1.

Set Hostile To Indy 2
Makes Mesh’medan attack the Unaligned Peoples, if they aren’t doing so already.

kill them all
Destroys all enemy parties.

Opens a cutscenes debug panel, where you can view all cutscenes.

force end turn
Ends the current turn. Could be useful for escaping a softlock or a glitch.

go away
Stops all parties currently following you from doing so

Replaces all the recruits in the AML recruit pool. Can use to reroll the selection of classes available, perhaps.

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