Going Medieval: How to Get More FPS

Going Medieval is available now in Steam Early Access. here is a simple tutorial on how to get more FPS for you.


How To get more FPS?

At first put the Texture Quality to half and the shadow Quality to low or medium. (low for the best FPS possible)
After that you should be turning Anisotropic filtering off. V-Sync to off and Framerate cap also off.
The game’s FPS is going up even higher if you turn the Anti Aliasing to FXAA (makes the game look a little bit worse tho)
If you don’t have enough FPS at that point lower the Resolution.
Credit to eqou

About the game:

Going Medieval is now available through Early Access (Epic Games StoreSteam and GOG.com) for $24.99 with a 10% launch discount, and a copy of the game’s atmospheric soundtrack will also be available to buy.

Having been chiseled into shape by numerous beta tests and the feedback of a passionate and dedicated player community, Going Medieval offers a uniquely addictive blend of building, management and survival right from day one. But Foxy Voxel has much more to offer in the weeks and months to come, and has now shared a roadmap confirming a selection of the improvements and new features planned for the game’s Early Access period.

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