Going Medieval: How to Set up a Proper Disassembly Line

Been seeing a lot of people having issues with getting a proper Disassembly line set up, so I decided to make a short guide about it.


Disassembly Bill 1

The first one is going to be your quality check. With the way the sliders are set up it’ll only look for any items that are in that quality range. So in this example photo anything superior or above is untouched in this bill, but anything from flimsy to fine will be disassembled.

Make sure that the only thing adjusted in this bill is the quality slider.

Disassembly Bill 2

The second one is going to be your HP check. With the way the sliders are set up in this one, all items that have reached 50% or lower will be taken to be disassembled, leaving only items that are 50% and above.

Make sure with this bill that the only thing you’ve changed is the HP slider.

Disassembly Bill 3

Here is the third and final check. With this bill it’ll take anything else that has been designated and that made it through bills 1 and 2, and will disassemble it.

The only things you should adjust in this bill is the items listed. Deselect the items you want to keep, and make sure the ones you want disassembled are selected.


If you set-up your disassembly bills like this then it’ll leave you with only the specific items you want. So items you don’t want, like wooden armor or savage plate armor, will always get disassembled no matter what; but items like short swords and heavy crossbows, will only get disassembled if they meet the criteria of the first two bills (low quality or low HP).

This works without any issues as it did with the Rimworld recycling mod, which uses the exact same game mechanics. So if you’re having issues after setting your bills up like mine, then 9 times out of 10 it’s a slider that’s set wrong (I do it all the time, literally had to fix one the other day because I accidentally set bill 2 to melt things above 50% instead of below).

Hope this helps some of y’all that are having issues.

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