Going Medieval: Storage Requirement (Latest Steam Version)

version dated 12 Jun 2021 | A summary of storage requirements (cooling, floor, ceiling) for current resources/items in-game. Introduction The following data is imported from game data (version when this guide is updated), available in the last section if anybody is interested. In the summary section, the first few columns summarizes the three main factors […]

Going Medieval: How to Get More FPS

Going Medieval is available now in Steam Early Access. here is a simple tutorial on how to get more FPS for you.   How To get more FPS? At first put the Texture Quality to half and the shadow Quality to low or medium. (low for the best FPS possible) After that you should be turning Anisotropic […]

Going Medieval: How to Add Custom Map Sizes

When starting a new game, I was a bit bummed that there was only one map size to choose from. In this guide, I”ll explain how you can add more map sizes. If you browse to the Going Medieval installation folder (\steamapps\common\Going Medieval\Going Medieval_Data\StreamingAssets) and go in You will have to edit a single file […]

Is Going Medieval Multiplayer? (FAQ from Devs)

Going Medieval is an upcoming city-builder game that will come out on Steam. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the game’s release ever since. So, is Going Medieval multiplayer?  Does the game have Multiplayer? Going Medieval is designed to be a single-player experience.   Other Useful FAQ What is Going Medieval about? Going Medieval is an alternate […]