Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype – How to Attack (Advanced Fighting Moves)

Tutorial for attacking in Golden Axed.


How to Attack – English
By default the game doesn’t have the keyboard commands for attacking in pc.
In order to put them; when you start the game on steam, a configuration window will pop up. Go to Input and you´re going to see a list with all the controlls. Once there search for P1Light and P1Heavy and make Double click in them, a tiny window is going to appear with the message: “Press a button key for: NameOfControl” and then you have to select the command that works better for you.
Hope this helps! English is not my first language so i might have some grammar mistakes lmao
Enjoy! 🙂

Credit to BLOQHED
Advanced fighting moves
This may just be a short little prototype, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it.
With hold attacks you have to hold the button until your character performs the action.

L = light attack
H = heavy attack
(L) = hold light attack
(H) = hold heavy attack

Decapitate foes: L – H – (H) – H

Slice an enemy in half: L – L – (H)

Smash an enemies head: L – (H)

Dash attack: forward – forward – L or H

Impaling enemies on background objects: forward – forward – L or H (next to the statues towards the end of the level)

Sparta kick: L – H – H

If anyone finds anymore special attacks please list them below in the comments.

Credit to KaerfOne

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